Why the read of 3 phase voltage is 440?

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Answer :

The  read  of  a  phase  voltage  should be approximatly  240v. This  is  because  line  voltage  equals  to quberoot of  phase  voltage.

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Description : For a balanced three phase star connected load for which line voltage is 230V and per phase resistance and reactance is 6 Ohm and 8 Ohm respectively. Calculate: 1) phase voltage 2) line current 3) power factor 4) total power absorbed

Description : What is the voltage in 3 phase line?

Answer : between 430 to 440 v

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Description : Write the relation between phase and line current, phase and line voltage for Star connection.

Answer : Line voltage is equal to root three times of phase voltage and line and phase currents are equal in star connection

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