What are interconnected power system?
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Answer :

Power grid which are inter connected to different teritory.
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Answer :

Power System:- It starts at Power Genaration (power plants), transmission (Distribution lines, substations) system, Ends at consumers (Household,Factories Etc).

Interconnected Power System:- When two separate power systems are joined together so as to share the network load it is called interconnected power system.

Advantages:- Improved individual grid stability, Load sharing, generation cost efficiency.
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Answer :

Interconnected power systems are those which connect different geographic regions. In Australia we have a National Electricity Grid which connects 6 states. Transfers of power occur between the states depending on the size of the interconnector. For example, 1000MW transfer is possible between two states. If one state has a power supply shortage problem then the other state can send its supply interstate. The power generation companies in the state with excess power can make more profit from this.National-Electricity-Market-Fact-Sheet.pdf (0,9 MB)

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Description : What is the choice of size and number of generator units in interconnected power system?

Answer : Choice of Size and Number of Generating Units: 1. The size/rating and number of generating units in such way that they approximately match with the load curve as closely as possible. 2. In ... , if power plant is connected to grid system then generating unit of higher capacity can be installed.

Description : What are the advantages of an interconnected system?

Description : State any four advantages of interconnected system.

Answer : Advantages of interconnected Systems: i) Reduced Overall installed Capacity: Inter connected power systems reduce the overall requirement of installed capacity for a given load area. With ... to interconnection, there is optimum utilization of available natural resources in the country.

Answer : In an interconnected system, the diversity factor of the whole system increases.

Description : What are the components of a power system?

Answer : generator Traansformer Conductors Insulators