What is the Nanogrid?

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Description : What is sag in power system?

Answer : Sag is a catenary curve in between two points of supporters.and also we can say the lowest point of the conductor in between the two points of supporters. 

Description : What is the maximum number of circuit breakers in a panel?

Answer : It depends on that which type of panel is this.

Description : What are the advantages of an interconnected system?

Description : What speed does electricity travel at?

Description : What are interconnected power system?

Answer : Interconnected power systems are those which connect different geographic regions. In Australia we have a National Electricity Grid which connects 6 states. Transfers of power occur between the states depending ... make more profit from this.National-Electricity-Market-Fact-Sheet.pdf (0,9 MB)

Description : What is meant by feeder in power system?

Answer : A feeder line is a peripheral route or branch in a network which connects smaller or more remote nodes with a route or branch carrying heavier traffic. The term is applicable to any system based on a hierarchical network.

Description : What are the components of a power system?

Answer : generator Traansformer Conductors Insulators

Description : What is microgrid in power system?

Description : What is power system planning?

Description : What is the definition of an electrical system?

Description : What are the advantages of HVDC?

Answer : HVDC have following advantages : 1. Improved stability. 2. Fast control of power flow. 3. Only two conductor is required. 4. If we use ground as return then only ... conductor can be use because skin effect is absent in HVDC . These are some advantages of HVDC.

Description : Which part of the world currently practice this form of power production. And how reliable and safe is it?

Description : Why the read of 3 phase voltage is 440?

Answer : The  read  of  a  phase  voltage  should be approximatly  240v. This  is  because  line  voltage  equals  to quberoot of  phase  voltage.

Description : Is it AC or DC electricity in the home?

Answer : Obviously its A.C

Description : How many volts are in the power lines?

Description : How the electricity is transmitted?

Description : How is electricity passed through a wire?

Answer : A  wire contains  mobile  electrons  as  majority  charge  carriers  and  holes  as minority  charge carriers when  an emf  or   potential  diffrence is  provided , electrons  flow  in opposite  direction  with  holes(convection current  flow)

Description : Why do you need a closed circuit for electricity to flow?

Answer : When  the  circuit  is  closed  , a potential  diffrence  is  realized  between  the  two  nodes  connected  .This  causes  flow of  electrons  and  convection  current.

Description : How does the electricity travel?

Answer : Electricity can only travel when there is a force pushing it. This force is called electromotive force. Take a look at  a water pump. When you on it force(EMF)will be applied to the ... its specified destination. This same process is applied to  electricity. EMF is required to start the process. 

Description : How do we use nuclear energy to generate electricity?

Answer : nuclear energy is produce by nuclei of atom

Description : How many amps do you need for a house?

Description : How does electricity get from the power plant to your home?

Answer : Electricity  gets  into   my   home  due  to  potential  diffrence  created   between  the  live   wire  and  neutral  wire.

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