How is electricity passed through a wire?
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Answer :

Inside a wire there is a conductor like aluminium or copper which allows flow of electrons means current flows through it. And outside of conducting material is covered with insulating material like plastic, which is use for safety purpose.
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Answer :

Before electricity is passed through a wire it must have a source that is where emf comes along. EMF pushes the electricity through a conducting wire like copper or aluminimum that allows current to flow easily.
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Answer :

A  wire contains  mobile  electrons  as  majority  charge  carriers  and  holes  as minority  charge carriers when  an emf  or   potential  diffrence is  provided , electrons  flow  in opposite  direction  with  holes(convection current  flow)

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Description : How do magnets and copper wire make electricity?

Answer : According  to  Faradays  law , a changing  magnetic  field  on  a  conductor  induses  current  in  the  conductor  through   mutual  induction.

Description : How the electricity is transmitted?

Description : How does the electricity travel?

Answer : Electricity can only travel when there is a force pushing it. This force is called electromotive force. Take a look at  a water pump. When you on it force(EMF)will be applied to the ... its specified destination. This same process is applied to  electricity. EMF is required to start the process. 

Description : How do we use nuclear energy to generate electricity?

Answer : nuclear energy is produce by nuclei of atom

Description : How does electricity get from the power plant to your home?

Answer : Electricity  gets  into   my   home  due  to  potential  diffrence  created   between  the  live   wire  and  neutral  wire.