What is microgrid in power system?
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Description : What is sag in power system?

Answer : Sag is a catenary curve in between two points of supporters.and also we can say the lowest point of the conductor in between the two points of supporters. 

Description : What are interconnected power system?

Answer : Interconnected power systems are those which connect different geographic regions. In Australia we have a National Electricity Grid which connects 6 states. Transfers of power occur between the states depending ... make more profit from this.National-Electricity-Market-Fact-Sheet.pdf (0,9 MB)

Description : What is meant by feeder in power system?

Answer : A feeder line is a peripheral route or branch in a network which connects smaller or more remote nodes with a route or branch carrying heavier traffic. The term is applicable to any system based on a hierarchical network.

Description : What are the components of a power system?

Answer : generator Traansformer Conductors Insulators

Description : What is power system planning?