Explain three phase half wave controller or three phase unidirectional controller.

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Three phase half wave controller or unidirectional controller:

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Description : Explain three phase full wave controller.

Answer : Three phase full wave controller: Three phase full wave controller is also called as the three-phase bidirectional controller. Let the load is star connected so at each phase there are antiparallel connected SCRs. ... conduct at the same time and the third phase will be open.

Description : Explain Three Phase Bidirectional Delta Connected Controller.

Answer : Three Phase Bidirectional Delta Connected Controller:

Description : List different starting methods of three phase synchronous motor. Explain any one of them.

Answer : Different Starting Methods of Three Phase Synchronous Motor: As synchronous motor is not self starting, different methods of starting are as follows: 1) By using an Induction (Pony) motor 2) ... . The rotor gets pulled into synchronism and starts running at constant speed as a synchronous motor. 

Description : Explain the need and steps to conduct the reduced voltage running up test on the three phase induction motor.

Description : Draw a neat diagram of 1Ф half wave controlled converter with RL load. Give its operation.

Answer : Single phase fully controlled half wave converter:  The circuit diagram of single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier with RL load and without freewheeling diode is shown in Fig. (a). The SCR T is ... , when again pulse is applied, the SCR is turned on & the above cycle is repeated. 

Description : Explain the principle of ON-OFF control and phase control of AC voltage controller with suitable circuit and waveforms.

Answer : The integral cycle control (on-off control) and phase angle control are the two types of AC voltage controller. The principle of ON-OFF control: The on-off control is also called an integral cycle ... control. In phase control, the switch is on for some period of each cycle.  

Description : operation of half wave rectifier type AC Voltmeter.

Answer :  Half-wave Rectifier Voltmeter The d'Arsonval meter movement only responds to the average or dc value of the current through the moving coil. In order to measure alternating ... ) input voltage signal alternating signal needs to be rectified first by using diode rectifier to produce 

Description : Explain three phase bridge inverter.

Answer : Three phase bridge inverter: Three phase bridge inverter converts DC voltage input to three-phase variable frequency variable voltage output. DC voltage source can be a DC source or output of the rectifier. ... in proper sequence. The switch may be thyristor or IGBT etc.

Description : Draw single phase full wave mid-point converter for inductive load. Draw input and output waveforms for it. 

Answer : Circuit Diagram: Waveforms:

Description : Give the operation of single phase full wave bridge controlled converter with RL load with a neat diagram. Also draw its waveform.

Answer : Single phase fully control bridge converter with RL load: 1. During positive half cycle of input voltage, T1 and T2 are forward biased and during negative half cycle, T3 and T4 are forward biased. Therefore, T1-T2 ... cycle till the firing of next pair of SCRs as shown in the waveform.

Description : three phase to single phase cycloconverter

Answer : three phase to single phase cycloconverter

Answer : Yes, SCR is a unidirectional switch.

Description : Explain with neat circuit diagrams the procedures to perform no load and blocked rotor tests on three phase induction motor.

Description : Explain power relations in three phase circuit.

Description : Why is a capacitor used in a single phase motor and not in three phase motor ?

Answer : In 1-phase induction motor capacitor work is generate the auxiliary winding current than excite the main winding to rotor starts rotate. After rotor start rotating about 75% of their speed than auxiliary ... emf to start the motor.so,in 3-phase induction motor is self start induction motor.

Description : Why is a three phase denoted by R, Y, B ?

Answer : phase 1 ,R =Red colour cable terminal, phase 2 Y=Yellow colour terminal cable,Phase 3 B=Blue colour cable terminal, N =Neutral. For identification.

Description : State any four advantages of three phase induction motor. 

Answer : Advantages of three phase induction motor https://youtu.be/27OIOCKN05U

Description : Define balanced and unbalanced load in three phase circuit.

Answer : Balanced Load: When all the imedances of 3 phases are equal in magnitude and of same nature then load is said to be balanced.  Unbalanced Load: When all the imedances of 3 phases are not equal in magnitude and of different nature then load is said to be unbalanced.

Description : State any four applications of three phase circuits.

Answer : The application of three phase circuits are 1. Three phase circuit is used for power transmission over long distances. 2. Three phase circuit can produce rotating magnetic field 3. Three phase ... three phase Motors and Transformers. 4. Three phase circuit is used for power converters circuits.

Description : Draw the waveform of three phase AC supply voltage.

Description : State advantages of three phase over single phase.

Answer : Advantages of 3-phase system over 1-phase system: -  1. More output: For the same size, output of poly-phase machines is always higher than single phase machines.  2. Smaller size: For ... are self- starting: The three phase ac motors are self starting, while single phase induction motor are not.

Description : The slip of 400 V, three phase, 4 -pole induction motor when rotating at 1440 rpm is 

Answer : The slip of 400 V, three phase, 4 -pole induction motor when rotating at 1440 rpm is 4 percent

Description : When a V-V three phase transformer system is converted into a Δ-Δ system, increase in capacity of the system is (A) 86.6% (B) 50% (C) 57.7% (D) 73.2%

Answer : When a V-V three phase transformer system is converted into a Δ-Δ system, increase in capacity of the system is 73.2%

Description : In a three-phase supply floating neutral is undesirable because it way give rise to?

Answer : In a three-phase supply floating neutral is undesirable because it way give rise to unequal line voltages across the load.

Description : Three phase synchronous motor will have how many sliprings?

Answer : Three phase synchronous motor will have two sliprings.

Description : How is a three phase cage induction motor self starting?

Answer : Any type of induction motor is self starting. Because the reason for torqe production require two flux displaced by some angle theta.If theta is constant with time then torqe will be constant;if ... torqe also pulsating. In induction motor this angle theta is not pulsating.so it is self starting 

Description : What is mean by plugging in three phase induction motor?

Answer : Plugging in three-phase induction motor means interchanging of any two phases of a stator for quick stopping.

Description : What is a three phase connection?

Answer : RYB, 440 volt/phase

Description : how can we reverse the direction of rotation of three phase induction motor ?

Answer : The direction of rotation of three phase induction motor can be reversed by plugging i.e by changing any two out of three phases of the supply to the stator of the Induction motor terminal.

Description : Explain MCB and ELCB with connection diagram supplying single phase load. 

Answer : OR OR Explanation: * MCB provides short circuit protection. * MCB provides overload protection * ELCB provides earth fault protection. * MCB is in series with ... occurs, the ELCB cuts off the power within the time of 0.1 sec. automatically to protect the personnel. 

Description : Draw & explain operation of phase detector.

Answer : In phase detector, the op-Amp basically acts as a zero crossing detector. If a sine wave is applied at the i/p, we get square wave at the op-Amp o/p (at point ... to two channel of the CRO. The time duration between the pulses corresponding to voltages represent the phase between them. 

Description : Explain the concept of lagging and leading phase angle by waveform.

Answer : i) Leading phase angle :  When two ac quantities of same frequency do not attain their respective zero or peak values simultaneously, then the quantities are said to be out-of-phase quantities. The ... Similarly, in the second diagram, the voltage is said to be lagging the current by  Φ.

Description : Explain the procedure to perform Short Circuit test on single phase transformer with circuit diagram.

Description : Draw and explain RC phase shift Oscillator.

Answer : Circuit diagram of RC phase shift oscillator: WORKING: * Circuit consists of a single stage amplifier in common emitter configuration & RC phase shifting network. * R1, R2, RE provides biasing & CE ... . * The phase shift around the loop is 3600 only at one precise frequency.  

Description : Draw full bridge & half bridge configuration with common cathode.

Answer : Half Bridge Configuration: Full Bridge Configuration: 

Description : Write short notes on 3 phase AC system.

Description : Temperature controller using SCR

Answer : Temperature controller using SCR The temperature control circuit is used to regulate the temperature. Figure shows the temperature control circuit using thermostat as temperature detector and SCR as ... half-cycle and heater gets connected to source to produce heat and raise the temperature.

Description : Draw and explain pneumatic proportional controller.

Answer : Explanation : Basic : Proportional control is one in which the process input is change in direct proportion to the error(t) controls the output so that the manipulated variable and the error has proportional relation. ... the MV and SP reference value called as error Given as :  Error = SP - MV

Description : Explain Keypad controller.

Answer : Keypad Controller: It's a device which interfaces between the computer and keyboard. That is a input device and used for transfer the data to connected device.

Description : What is the purpose of auxiliary controller in substation?

Answer : The systems of substation auxiliaries ensure operation of substations providing internal consumers of substations with operating direct and alternating currents. Any breakdown (loss) of auxiliary systems ... whole substation, as well as serious problems during its subsequent putting into operation.

Description : Define Integral controller. State their advantages

Answer : Advantages of integral control action: 1) Improves steady state response 2) Removes offset error in the process variable. 3) Eliminates steady state error

Description : When to select P-I controller? Give any two application of P-I controller.

Answer : Selection of P-I controller:  The PI mode of controller is commonly selected for slow-to- moderate speed processes.  Fast response of the system is not required.  Large disturbances and ... an issue.  As a adaptive controller for flow process.  Real time pressure control process.

Description : A Unified Power Flow Controller (FACTS controller) is a voltage source converter based (A) Inter-phase power controller (B) Static Compensator (C) Combination of series and shunt compensators (D) Solid-state series compensator

Answer : A Unified Power Flow Controller (FACTS controller) is a voltage source converter based Combination of series and shunt compensators

Description : What is an electronic controller?

Description : Explain full wave bridged rectifier with the help of circuit diagram and input output waveform.

Answer : 1. In positive half cycle (0 to Π): The end A of the secondary winding becomes positive and end B negative. This makes diode D1 and D4 forward biased while diode D2 and D3 are reverse biased. These two diodes will ... D2 and D3 when it is conducting is as follows.  B - D2 - RL - D3 - A 

Description : Explain hysteresis loss, eddy current loss and skin effect limitations with reference to magnetic material.

Answer : Hysteresis loss: Hysteresis loss is a loss which occurs due to the friction of magnetic domain due to the change in magnetic field in ferromagnetic material like iron. Hysteresis loss causes power loss ... loss in transformer is given by, We=Kef2Kf2Bm2watts Skin effect limitations:

Description : Explain cycloconverter and its types.

Answer : Cycloconverter: Cycloconverter is an AC to AC converter which converts input AC into variable AC. It changes frequency. Basically, there are two types of cycloconverter one is step up ... Disadvantages of cycloconverter: So many thyristors are required in cycloconverter.

Description : The phase difference between voltage and current wave through a circuit element is given as 30°. The essential condition is that?

Answer : The phase difference between voltage and current wave through a circuit element is given as 30°. The essential condition is that both waves must have same frequency.

Description : State classification of Phase controlled rectifiers.

Answer : Classification of phase controlled rectifiers:

Description : Oscillator independent of phase shift is  (1) Relaxation (2) Wein bridge (3) Clapp (4) All of these

Answer : Oscillator independent of phase shift is Relaxation 

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