Explain Three Phase Bidirectional Delta Connected Controller.
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Three Phase Bidirectional Delta Connected Controller:



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Description : Explain three phase half wave controller or three phase unidirectional controller.

Answer : Three phase half wave controller or unidirectional controller:

Description : Explain three phase full wave controller.

Answer : Three phase full wave controller: Three phase full wave controller is also called as the three-phase bidirectional controller. Let the load is star connected so at each phase there are antiparallel connected SCRs. ... conduct at the same time and the third phase will be open.

Description : A balanced Delta connected load supplied with 440 V 50 Hz three phase AC supply has R=10 Ohm and L=0.6 mH in is each arm. Calculate line and phase current, active power.

Description : Draw the Delta connected three phase system showing all the voltages and currents. Write the power equation.

Description : Explain the principle of ON-OFF control and phase control of AC voltage controller with suitable circuit and waveforms.

Answer : The integral cycle control (on-off control) and phase angle control are the two types of AC voltage controller. The principle of ON-OFF control: The on-off control is also called an integral cycle ... control. In phase control, the switch is on for some period of each cycle.