Enlist the different modes of operation of electronic counters and explain any two modes in details.

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Description : With neat sketch explain four modes of operation of a TRIAC? 

Answer : Modes of operation of a TRIAC: There are four different operating modes of TRIAC:  1) MT2 and gate are positive with respect to terminal MT1(Mode1) : Here terminal MT2 is positive ... junction P2-N2 is forward biased, current carriers are injected and therefore, the TRIAC is turned on. 

Description : State the different modes of electron emission in metal. Explain any two modes of emission.

Answer : Different modes of electron emission in metal - 1. Thermionic emission 2. Photo electric emission. 3. Field emission. 4. Secondary emission. Mode of Emission  1. Thermionic emission. ... (GaP)  Application: Electron multiplier tubes, Special amplifying tubes, Computer memory tubes. 

Description : Name 5 Different Addressing Modes?

Answer : Answer :Immediate, Direct, Register, Register indirect, Implied addressing modes.

Description : List out features of any four addressing modes of 8051.

Answer : 1.Immediate addressing mode: In this Immediate Addressing Mode, the data is provided in the instruction itself. The data is provided immediately after the opcode. These are some examples of Immediate Addressing Mode. MOVA ... us see some examples of this mode. MOV 0E5H, @R0 MOV @R1, 80H

Description : Explain All The Addressing Modes Of The 8085 With The Help Of Examples.?

Answer : Answer :The various types of addressing modes of the 8085 are as follows: Direct addressing: The instructions in itself contain the opearand. For ex. STA5513H or in/out instructions such as IN PORT C. ... etc. Implicit addressing: this form of addressing contains no operands. For ex. RAR, CMA etc.