Describe the various blocks and their functions in pipelined ADC architecture.
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Description : State the various lighting calculations methods and Describe any one of them.

Answer : Lighting calculation methods: 1. Lumens or Light flux method 2. Point to point or Inverse Square law method 3. Watts per Square meter method i) Lumens or Light ... is taken according to the illumination desired on an average value considering overall efficiency of the lighting system.

Description : Mention The Various Functional Blocks Of The 8085 Microprocessor.?

Answer : Answer :The various functional blocks of the 8085 microprocessor are: Registers Arithmetic logic unit Address buffer Increment / decrement address latch Interrupt control Serial I/O control Timing and control circuitry Instructions decoder and machine cycle encoder.

Description : Which type of ADC gives high resolution?

Answer : Sigma Delta, successive approximation and integrating type analogue to digital converter gives very high resolution but they have slower speed.

Description : The ADC having highest conversion speed is (A) Dual-slope ADC (B) Successive approximation ADC (C) Flash ADC (D) Servo ADC

Answer : The ADC having highest conVersion speed is Flash ADC

Answer : ADC-Amplifier interface: In most data acquisition system analog to digital converter (ADC) is interfaced with the amplifier. There are different interface architectural schemes. Operational ... . The interaction between analog to digital converter and amplifier affects the system performance.