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Electronics stands for electron-mechanics. Thus electronics is that field of science and engineering which deals with the motion of electrons under the influence of applied electric and/or magnetic field.

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Description : Definition of electronics?

Answer : Electronics is branch of engineering that deals with flow of electrons in metals, semiconductor or vacuum tube.

Description : Which of the following is only a power electronics component? (A) thyristor (B) diode (C) transistor (D) none of these 

Answer : Which of the following is only a power electronics component?  thyristor

Description : In electronics what comes under tank circuit ? (1) Resistance and capacity (2) Resistance and inductance (3) Capacity and inductance (4) Resistance, capacity and inductance 

Answer : Capacity and inductance

Description : Hytech electronics is in recession. Find the marked price is what percentage of cost price, if there may be a profit of 10% after allowing a commission of 5% to middle man?

Answer : Let the CP= Rs.100 Then, SP=Rs.110 MP=Rs. x Then, 95% of x= Rs 110 x= 110*100/95 = 115.7%

Description : What the “ bias” means in electronics ?

Answer : Bias (its has two types, positive and negative bais) decides the conducting and cut off point. in the amplifier stages ....

Description : What are the applications of electronics?

Answer : Applications of electronics are as follows: a) Communication and entertainment: Telephony, Telegraphy b) Instrumentation & control: CRO, function generator, power supply, digital multimeter, SCR to control ... Machine: Many medical equipment like EEG, MRI, ECG, X-RAY, sonography machines etc

Description : What are the different branches of electronics?

Description : What is the importance of electronics?

Answer : Electronics is very important nowadays its uses are increasing in day to day life. The high voltage and current devices are now being controlled by a small electronics circuits. By controlling ... helping in increasing the efficiency of system. Electronics helping in reducing the size of equipments.

Description : What is the meaning of Electronics and Communication Engineering?

Description : What is meant by feedback in electronics?

Description : What is analog in terms of electronics?

Description : What is the difference between analog and digital electronics?

Description : What is digital and analog electronics?

Description : What is drive circuit in power electronics?

Answer : Driver is used for Motion Control through the use of power electronics.

Description : what is the difference between electrical and electronics ?

Answer : Electrical involves Generation, transmission and distribution of electricity and hence the use of larger devices like generator, motors and transformer. Electronics works either on stepped down ac voltage ... etc. Electronics could be analog or digital depending on mode of operation of transistor.

Description : New Zealand is second after __________ in the production of __________ (A) Canada … dairy products. (B) the U.K. … textiles. (C) Australia … wool. (D) the USA … consumer electronics.

Answer : (C) Australia … wool. 

Description : By Electronic Commerce we mean: a. Commerce of electronic goods b. Commerce which depends on electronics c. Commerce which is based on the use of internet d. Commerce which is based on transactions using computers connected by telecommunication network

Answer : d. Commerce which is based on transactions using computers connected by telecommunication network

Description : The complete form of ‘IC’ in electronics is (1) Internal circuit (2) Independent circuit (3) Integrated circuit (4) Inbuilt circuit

Answer : Integrated circuit

Description : The ‘sunrise industries’ imply (1) petrochemicals and electronics industry (2) sunflower oil industry (3) computer industry (4) chemical industry

Answer :  petrochemicals and electronics industry

Description : Sun belt of U.S.A. is important for which one of the following industries? (1) Cotton textile (2) Petro- chemical (3) Hi-tech electronics (4) Food processing 

Answer : Petro- chemical

Description : State the applications of power electronics.

Answer : Power electronics applications are extended to various fields such as: 1. Aerospace, 2. Automotive electrical and electronic systems, 3. commercial, 4. industrial, 5. residential, 6. telecommunication, 7. transportation, 8. utility systems,

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Description : State the applications of digital electronics.

Answer : 1. The processor, graphics controller are built on principles of digital electronics. 2. In Computers, tablet, displays, LCD/LED TV. 3. mobile/smart phone, , computer ,keyboard, mouse 4. speed/ ... bike/car, various control of the car, 5. ATM machines, credit /debit cards 6. Telephone exchange

Description : 1.Determine the permeability of magnetic material by plotting its BH curve 2. Measure voltage, current and power in 1-phase circuit with resistive load. 3. Measure voltage, current and ... .Make Star and Delta connection in induction motor starters and measure the line and phase values.

Answer : Practical no. 6 Aim: Make Star and Delta connection in induction motor starters and measure the line and phase values. Apparatus required:  voltmeter, ammeter, induction motor Circuit diagram ... Result: Hence we have measured the line and phase value of star and delta connection.

Description : How is Power electronics distinct from linear electronics?

Answer : It is not primarily in their power handling capacities. While power management IC's in mobile sets working on Power Electronic principles are meant to handle only a few milliwatts, large linear ... 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur  Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike - CC BY-SA.

Answer : In integrated circuit electronics the basic universal gate is AND gate.

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