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Electronics stands for electron-mechanics. Thus electronics is that field of science and engineering which deals with the motion of electrons under the influence of applied electric and/or magnetic field.

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Description : Definition of electronics?

Answer : Electronics is branch of engineering that deals with flow of electrons in metals, semiconductor or vacuum tube.

Description : Which of the following is only a power electronics component? (A) thyristor (B) diode (C) transistor (D) none of these 

Answer : Which of the following is only a power electronics component?  thyristor

Description : In electronics what comes under tank circuit ? (1) Resistance and capacity (2) Resistance and inductance (3) Capacity and inductance (4) Resistance, capacity and inductance 

Answer : Capacity and inductance

Description : Hytech electronics is in recession. Find the marked price is what percentage of cost price, if there may be a profit of 10% after allowing a commission of 5% to middle man?

Answer : Let the CP= Rs.100 Then, SP=Rs.110 MP=Rs. x Then, 95% of x= Rs 110 x= 110*100/95 = 115.7%