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Normalize cell size is 1. Normalize cell size is about 1 to 1.2. Normalize cell size is about 3.
EPROM stands from Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory.  EEPROM stands for Electrically  Erasble Programmable Read-Only Memory. Flash memory is a special type of EEPROM.
Programming mechanism is hot electron injection. Programming mechanism is hot electron injection. Programming mechanism is tunneling.
Programming time is less than 100 micro second. Programming time is less than 100 micro second. Programming time is less than 5 millisecond.
Erasing machanism is Ultraviolet light. Erasing mechanism is tunneling. Erasing mechanism is tunneling.
Erase time is 20 minutes. Erase time is 1 second. Erase time is 5 millisecond.

Flash memory:
Flash memory is a special type of EEPROM. Flash memory is a non-volatile memory. In flash memory single cell can be electrically programmed. And whole chip or block can be electrically erased. Flash memory uses a hybrid of EPROM and EEPROM. Flash memories are useful in portable applications. Flash memory cell consists of storage transistor, a control gate, and floating gate, which is insulated by a dielectric material. NAND flash memory and NOR flash memory are the two types of flash memory.

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Answer : The average time required to reach a storage location in the memory to read or retrieve the contents of memory is called as Access time

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Answer : What is the size of memory which can be accessed by direct accessing in 8085 microprocessor? A) 64 kB B) 4 kB C) 128 kB D) 128 MB 

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Answer : A material for good magnetic memory should have high retentivity.

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Answer : Reciprocating compressor Rotary compressor  1. Compression of air takes place with help of piston and cylinder arrangement with reciprocating motion of piston. 1. Compression of air takes place ... High 12. More Starting torque required 12. Less Starting torque required

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Answer : Compare casing capping wiring with concealed wiring: 

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Answer : Parameter LED CFL Lamp Efficiency  High (more than 70 lumen per watt) Comparatively less (50-60 lumen per watt) Life span (in working hours) 10000 3000

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Answer : Asynchronous Counter Synchronous Counter In an Asynchronous Counter the output of one Flip Flop acts as the clock Input of the next Flip Flop. In a Synchronous Counter all the Flip Flop's are ... Also called as serial counter Also called as Parallel Counter

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Answer : Sr no: FPGA CPLD 1 It is field programmable gate array. It is complex programmable logic device. 2 Capacity is defined in terms of number of gates available. ... 8 FPGA are available in wide density range. CPLD contain fewer registers but have better performance.

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Answer : The resistance of a conductor can be significantly lower than the resistance of an insulator, depending on each material's atomic properties.

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Answer : Sr.No Parameters Resistance Welding Arc Welding 1 Type of welding Plastic/Pressure/Non-fusion welding Fusion/Non pressure welding 2 Principle of heat developed Heat ... It is suitable for mass production It is suitable for heavy job, maintenance and repair work

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Answer : Basis Residential Electrical Installation Commercial Electrical Installation Load capacity Less High Input Supply Generally single phase Generally 3 phase Purpose Domestic ... supply voltage is equal to or more then 400V then there is need of caution notice

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Answer : Points Base load plant Peak load plant Definition The power plant which supplies base load of load curve is known as base load plant  The power plant which supplies ... ,thermal,nuclear power station Small capacity storage hydro,pumped storage hydro,gas,diesel power station.

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Answer : Classification of solar collectors :-  1. There are two main types of Flat Plate type collectors :- a) Flat plate collectors (FPC) b). Evacuated Tubular collector (ETC)  2. Concentrating ... directly from water Can be used to generate electricity with the help of steam turbine

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Answer : Points Conventional Energy Sources Renewable Energy Sources Availability Limited Unlimited Cost of Fuel High depending on fuel.  Negligible Amount of Power generated On large scale due ... should be selected at source For example HPP, TPP, NPP SPP and WPP

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Answer : Particulars Current coil (CC) Pressure coil (PC) Connection Connected in series with load Connected in parallel with load Status It is fixed coil in wattmeter It is moving coil in ... number of turns It is having more number of turns Gauge of wire Less More

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Answer : Primary instruments  Secondary instruments  Gives magnitude of quantity in terms of physical constants of instrument  Gives reading directly of the quantity measured.  Need no calibration  ... .  e.g. magnetic meter, induction meter, hotwire meter and electrostatic meter 

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Answer : MI Instrument  PMMC Instrument  It works on the principles of magnetism.  It works on the principle of DC motor Deflection torque is proportional to square of current  Deflection ... , Voltmeter and Watt meter  Can be used as voltmeter, Ammeter, Galvanometer, ohmmeter  

Description : Compare JFET with MOSFET.

Answer : Particulars JFET MOSFET 1) Type Voltage controlled device Voltage controlled device 2) Mode of operation Operates only in depletion mode Operates in depletion and enhancement ... 6) Gate connection Not isolated from substrate Isolated by SiO2 layer from substrate

Description : Compare analog & digital multimeter.

Answer : Analog multi-meter DMM Power supply is not required  Power supply is required  Less suffered from electric noise  More suffered from electric Noise Less isolation problems. More ... visual indication Visual indication is not that much better. Less cost More cost

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Answer : FET BJT It is unipolar device i.e. current in the device is carried either by electrons or holes It is bipolar device i.e. current in the device is carried either by ... from minority- carrier storage effects & therefore has lower switching speeds & cut-off frequencies. 

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Answer : Intrinsic semiconductor Extrinsic Semiconductor Pure form of semiconductor Impure form of semiconductor No. electrons and holes are equal  No. of electrons and holes are not equal Electrical ... e.g. Ge, Si semiconductor e.g. p-type or n-type semiconductor

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Answer : RC filters  LC filters The RC filter is only useful for small load currents. The LC filters are useful for heavy load currents. More power dissipated in RC filter. Less power ... RC is fine for filtering low power signals. LC is fine for filtering high power signals.

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Answer : Parameter CB CE CC I/P impedance Low Or 50Ω Medium Or 600Ωto 4kΩ High Or 1 MΩ Current Gain Less than or equal to 1 High Highest Voltage Gain Medium Medium Less ... k Ω to 50 k Ω Low Or 50 Ω Phase shift between input and output 0° 360° 0° 

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Answer : Statically induced emf Dynamically induced emf Emf is induced without any relative motion between conductor and magnetic field. Emf is induced due to relative motion between conductor ... induced in transformer windings e.g emf induced in Generator, Alternator armature windings

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Answer : Copper Aluminium Resistivity is less Resistivity is more More weight Low weight Mechanically strong Mechanically weaker Specific Gravity high Specific Gravity Low ... Tensile strength is half of that of copper Used for winding Used for overhead lines

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Answer : Compare Star and Delta connected system:  Star connected system Delta connected system   In STAR connection, the starting or finishing ends (Similar ends) of three coils are connected together to form the ... VPH Line Current is √3 times of Phase Current. i.e. IL = √3 IPH

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Answer : Comparison between Magnetic and Electric Circuits

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Answer : BJT MOSFET IGBT BJT is a current controlled device. MOSFET is a voltage controlled device. IGBT is a voltage controlled device. The input impedance of BJT is low. ... is minority carrier device. MOSFET is majority carrier device. IGBT is minority carrier device.

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Answer : Number of comparators required for an 8 bit flash ADC is: 255

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Answer : Aseptic technique:  The method which is used to prevent the access of microorganism during the preparation of parenteral product and their testing are called Aseptic Technique . Sources of contamination: 1) ... the sample is declared to have pass the test and same test is repeated for two times.

Description : Which of the following is used for very high speed searching applications ? (1) Flash Memory (2) Content-addressable Memory (3) Dynamic Random Access Memory (4) Static Random Access Memory

Answer : Content-addressable Memory

Description : The fastest, costlier and relatively small form of storage managed by computer system hardware is : (1) Disk (2) Flash Memory (3) Main memory (4) Cache

Answer : Cache

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