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Resistance: This could be defined as the opposition  or retarding force to the flow of current in a circuit. It is measured in Ohms.

Capacitance: The ability of a system of electrical conductors and insulators to store electrical charge when a potential difference is existing between the conductors. It is the mathematically expressed in Farad.

Inductance: The ability of a circuit, coil that causes an e.m.f to be set up due to a rate of change of current in the circuit or coil. It's unit is Henry.

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Description : A parallel combination of capacitance C and resistance R is connected in series with inductance L and small resistance r. Under what condition will the circuit be non-reactive?  (A) C=LR (B) C=LR2 (C) C=L/R2 (D) C=L/R

Description : Which of the following are the constants of the transmission lines ? (a) Resistance (b) Inductance (c) Capacitance (d) All of the above

Answer : (d) All of the above

Description : In AC Circuit Theory, the term that replaces the resistance is: w) inductance x) capacitance y) impedance z) reactance


Description : ‘Farad’ is the unit of : (1) Capacitance (2) Inductance (3) Resistance (4) Conductance

Answer : Capacitance

Description : An a.c series circuit has resistance of 10ohm, inductance of 0.1H and capacitance of 10µf, voltage applied to circuit is 200V. find (i) Resonant frequency (ii) Current at resonance (iii) Power at resonance 

Answer : Solution: For RLC series circuit