Explain DC coupled drive circuit with unipolar output.
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Answer :

DC coupled drive circuit with unipolar output:

The figure shows the circuit and waveforms


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Description : Explain MOSFET gate drive circuit and totem pole configuration.

Answer : MOSFET gate drive circuit: The turning on and turning off of MOSFET can be controlled from gate to source voltage signal. If the gate to source voltage of MOSFET exceeds threshold ... this configuration, the two switches (transistors) are used in totem pole arrangement with a comparator.

Description : Explain open emitter BJT drive circuit.

Answer : open emitter BJT drive circuit:

Description : Explain thyristor gate drive circuit.

Answer : Thyristor Gate Drive Circuit: The thyristor can be turned on by pulse voltage signal at gate terminal and it does not require continuous drive signal like the transistor. The gate ... circuit provide required minimum gate voltage and gate current then the thyristor conducts properly.

Description : basic gate drive circuit of GTO

Answer : basic gate drive circuit of GTO

Answer : IGBT is a bipolar device.