Ro×l÷a is the one form of answer and
V÷I  is also the answer
Ro×l÷a is the one form of answer
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Answer :

Voltage per current  (v/i)
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Answer :


R= Resistance value(ohm)

V=Potential different between two point(volt)


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Description : Resistance formula

Answer : The formula for resistance is, Where, R = resistance in Ohms ρ = resistivity in ohm - metre l = length A = cross sectional area

Description : What is the formula for resistivity?

Answer : Resitivity is the property of a material. It is given in ρ . R=ρ L/A is the formula. where , Resitance is directly proportional to Length & Inversely proportional to Area of ... the resistance offered by a conductor to the flow of current is called specific resistance or resistivity.

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