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Instruction execution has 5 basic stages:

1. Fetch instruction:

The task of reading the next instruction from memory into the instruction register.

2. Decode instruction:

The task of determining what operation the instruction on the instruction register represents. Ex. add, move

3. Fetch oprands:

The task of moving the instructions operands data into appropriate register.

4. Execute operation:

The task of feeding the appropriate registers through the ALU and back into an appropriate register.

5. Store results:

The task of writing a register into memory.

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Description : AVR microcontroller executes most of the instruction in _________________. A. Single execution cycle. B. Double execution cycle. C. Both A& B D. None of the above.

Description : A CPU handles interrupt by executing interrupt service subroutine................. (A) by checking interrupt register after execution of each instruction (B) by checking interrupt register ... cycle (C) whenever an interrupt is registered (D) by checking interrupt register at regular time interval

Description : If initial content of accumulator is 44 H, find out the new content of accumulator after execution of the instruction RR A

Description : In an 8085 microprocessor, after the execution of XRA A instruction A) the carry flag is set B) the accumulator contains FFH C) the zero flag is set D) the accumulator contents are shifted left by one bit

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