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It is an operating point of transistor.which gives the information of transistor In which region is working
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Answer : Q pointit is nothing but operating point of transistor which can gives the information about the transistor working in active cutoff or saturation region to the Faithful amplification we have to ... of proper collector emitter voltage during the passage of signal is known as transistor biasing

Answer : The operating point of devices is known as Q point (quiescent point) Q point are the values of voltages and currents of a circuit when no signal is present.

Description : A bus can travel 25% faster than a jeep. Both start from point P at the same time and reach point Q, 225 kms away from P, at the same time. On the way, however, the bus lost about 37.5 minutes while stopping at the ... is the speed of the jeep? a) 64 km/hr b) 72 km/hr c) 68 km/hr d) 56 km/hr

Answer : B Let speed of the jeep =x kmph Then, speed of the bus =(100+25)x/100 =125x/100 =5x/4 kmph Time taken by the jeep to travel from P to Q =225/x hours Time taken by the bus to travel from p to Q =225/(5x/4) + ... 225/x=900/5x+37.5/60 225/x=180/x+37.5/60 45/x =37.5/60 37.5x=45*60 X=72 km/hr

Description : A boat takes 38 hrs for travelling downstream from point p to point q and coming back to a point r midway between p and q. If the velocity of the stream is 8 km/hr and the speed of the boat in still water is 28 km/hr. What is the distance between p and q? A) 720 B) 640 C) 510 D) 450

Answer : ANSWER: A Explanation: Speed downstream = (28 + 8)km/hr = 36 km/hr Speed upstream = (28 – 8)km/hr = 20 km/hr Let the distance between p and q be ‘x’km Then, x/36 + (x/2)/20 = 38 x/36 +x/40 = 38 19x = 13680 X = 720 km Therefore the distance between p and q is 720km

Description : Figure P shows how a point on a circle traces a path when it is rolled on the ground. The point in which of the polygons shown in the options creates the path in Figure Q?  

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