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the RC coupled amplifier are using the following applications first in public address amplifier system

 tape recorders TV VCR and CD players stereo amplifier 

and these are the voltage amplification amplifiers
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Description : Draw circuit diagram of two stage RC coupled amplifier using BJT

Answer : BJT - To amplify input signal. R1 & R2 = Biasing resistor to provide DC biasing voltage RE = Emitter resistor to control gain RL = Load resistor to carry load current Cin = Cout = Coupling capacitors to block DC CE = emitter bypass resistor

Description :  applications of RC coupled amplifier

Answer : Applications of RC coupled amplifier: (i) Widely used as Voltage amplifiers. (ii) They are used in Public Address System. (iii) In Tape recorders. (iv) In stereo amplifiers (v) In T.V. V.C.R. and C.D. Players.

Description : advantages and disadvantages of direct coupled amplifier over RC coupled amplifier. 

Answer : Advantages:  Due to absence of coupling capacitors, the gain does not reduce on the lower frequency side.  This amplifier can amplify dc signals. Reduced cost and complexity due to absence of ...   The output waveform has a dc shift.  Poor frequency response at a higher frequency.

Description : Compare RC coupled, transformer coupled and direct coupled amplifier based on four points.

Answer : Parameter RC coupled Transformer coupled Direct coupled  Coupling element Resistor and capacitor Transformer No element Impedance matching Poor Excellent good Frequency ... Low frequency amplifier,opamp Size and cost small Large and bulky least

Description : Draw the single stage RC coupled amplifier circuit and explain its’s operation.

Answer : Operation:- The capacitors C1 and C2 are called as the coupling capacitors. As the load resistor RL (not shown in the diagram) is coupled to the amplifier through the coupling capacitor ... connected in the common emitter (CE) configuration. Therefore, this amplifier is called CE amplifier.