why we use aluminium conductor and not copper in transmission lines ?

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Because copper conductor are costlier than aluminium conductor

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Description : Select insulating materials for following parts : (i) Insulation between heating element and base plate of electric iron. (ii) Insulation used over copper or aluminium conductor used for making coils. (iii) Transformer bushings. (iv) Insulation between transmission line and pole.

Description : The best conductor of electricity among the following is : (1) Copper (2) Iron (3) Aluminium (4) Silver

Description : The weight of an aluminium conductor as compared to a copper conductor of identical cross-section, for the same electrical resistance, is?

Description : In long AC transmission lines, the receiving end voltage becomes greater than sending end voltage at light load or no load operation. This is due to (a) Ferranti effect (b) Skin effect (c) Proximity effect (d) Corona effect 

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