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Current flow is like water, water flows from higher level to lower level. Same thing with current, current flows from higher voltage to lower voltage level. The flow of current is in opposite direction of the electron, electron flow from -ve to +ve and current flow from +ve to -ve.
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Thanks,then we should have to change the definition of current.because current is flow opposite to flow of electrons.it may definition of conventional current.
Well proved and elaborated.
current  is  the  flow  of  holes  from  anode  to  cathode  and  it  can  be  said  f

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Last Answer : Protons themselves are not mobile positive charges because they are tightly bound in the nucleus of the atom and cannot be released except by nuclear forces. Therefore, a current of positive charges is a flow of  either positive ions in liquids and gases or positive holes in semiconductors. 

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Last Answer : b. positive charges

Description : What is the direction of flow of current?

Last Answer : Current  flows  from  anode  to  cathode(opposite  direction  to  flow of  electrons)

Description : What is the direction of the conventional current flow?

Last Answer : The conventional current flow in opposite direction of flow of electrons. The electrons flow from negative terminal of battery to positive terminal of battery. And conventional current flow from positive terminal of battery to negative terminal of battery.

Description : What is the direction of flow of electric current in an electric circuit?

Last Answer : It  flows  from  anode  to  cathode  (direction  of   holes  flow)

Last Answer : Due to no potential difference between the ends of the circiut there is no existance of current 

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Last Answer : Hi team, the current flow is nothing but flow of electrons But the conventional direction I'd opposite to actual current flow . ..

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