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Excessive high voice signal may cause overmodulation.

Modulating component greater than carrier may cause overmodulation.

Setting the gain of the microphone too high may cause overmodulation.
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Description : If the radiated power of AM transmitter is 10 KW, the power in the carrier for modulation index of 0.6 is nearly:  (1) 8.24 KW (2) 9.26 KW (3) 8.47 KW (4) 9.6 KW

Description : If modulation index is 0.6, maximum power efficiency (in %) of AM is about  A) 60 B) 30 C) 20 D) 10

Description : The total power of an AM transmitter having a carrier power of 50 W and the percentage of modulation at 80% is A) 50 W B) 66 W C) 68 W D) 70 W 

Description : In amplitude modulation scheme, the over-modulation (A) is desired phenomenon (B) helps in signal recovery (C) is undesired phenomenon (D) Envelope of AM maintains the shape of the baseband signal

Description : One advantage of AM over suppressed carrier AM is  A) Less power B) Less bandwidth C) Simpler detection D) Higher efficiency

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