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Inter-Process Communication (IPC) :

IPC stands for Inter-Process Communication.

Inter-process communication (IPC) is the communication between processes.

The processes can communicate with each other by shared data and by message passing and by synchronizing with other processes by means of the semaphore.

There are two types of processes one is independent and second is cooperative.

Inter-Process Communication (IPC) is used for making cooperative processes.

The types of Inter-Process Communication (IPC) are :

  • Signal
  • Shared memory
  • Semaphores
  • Message queue
  • Mapped memory
  • Pipe
  • Socket
  • FIFO

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Description : Explain Inter-process Communication (IPC) using mailbox/queue.

Answer : Inter-process communication using mailbox: Mailbox is the Interprocess communication mechanism. A process puts a data message for another process in the mailbox. Mailbox is also called as message exchange. ... a message. In mailbox IPC the sender need not to know the name of the receiver.

Description : With neat diagram explain inter process communication model.

Answer : Inter-process communication: Cooperating processes require an Interprocess communication (IPC) mechanism that will allow them to exchange data and information. There are two models of IPC 1. ... a communication link between them. Between each pair of processes exactly one communication link.

Description : Experience has shown that the most feasible plan for utilizing occupational orientation programme broadcast by radio is Options: A) The recording of the programme for inter communication playback B) The direct ... on the programme D) The bringing of pupils to listen to and report on the programme

Answer : A) The recording of the programme for inter communication playback 

Description : Organisational communication can also be equated with (A) intra-personal communication. (B) inter-personal communication. (C) group communication. (D) mass communication. 

Answer : (C) group communication. 

Description : Didactic communication is (A) intra-personal (B) inter-personal (C) organizational (D) relational

Answer : Answer: B A didactic method is a teaching method that follows a consistent scientific approach or educational style to engage the student?s mind. Didactic communication is the one which ... it also produces changes in students? cognitive, affective, behavioral and action?like reactions.