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Some embedded systems have Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) and some of them not.

Real-Time Operating Systems is a platform for building applications for embedded systems,

Smaller Software applications do not require RTOS but the medium and large application requires RTOS.

The RTOS is used in embedded systems.

RTOS requires smaller memory as compare to General-Purpose Operating Systems (GPOS) and it provides high performance for real-time embedded devices.

Many small embedded devices do not contain RTOS they just have application code without RTOS.

Every Real-Time Operating Systems have the kernel.
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Description : what are the significance of kernel in RTOS ?

Answer : In every RTOS there is the kernel. The kernel is the core supervisory software. The kernel provides minimal logic. Scheduling is also provided by the kernel. The resource- ... device managment service.RTOS kernel has interrupt management service.RTOS kernel has memory management service.

Description : What is a hard real time system?

Answer : If the real-time systems have minimum interrupt latency and task deadline with prescribe time limits then it is known as hard real-time systems.  If these two requirements meet in real time systems but not always then it is known as soft real-time systems.

Description : What is the real time scheduling?

Answer : Hard real-time and soft real-time are the types of real time scheduling. Real time 

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Answer : The scheduler is very important in Real-Time Operating System (RTOS). Selection of tasks for execution is provided by the scheduler. Which task to execute when it is provided by the ... . Non-preemptive scheduling is simple.Preemptive scheduling is flexible while non-preemptive scheduling is rigid.

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Description : The UNIX operating system is suitable for (1) Multi user (2) Real-Time Processing (3) Distributed Processing (4) Single user

Answer : Multi user

Description : The UNIX operating system is suitable for : (1) Multi user (2) Real-Time Processing (3) Distributed Processing (4) Single user

Answer : Multi user

Description : Define real time operating system. List its any four applications of it.

Answer : Real time Operating System: A real time system has well defined fixed time constraints. Processing should be done within the defined constraints -Hard and Soft real time system. OR The ... Applications: 1. Flight Control System 2. Simulations 3. Industrial control 4. Military applications

Description : An induction motor operating at 0.8 pf lagging is consuming 300 kW. A zero real power consuming synchronous motor is connected across the induction motor to raise the pf to 0.92 lagging. The reactive power drawn by the synchronous motor is a. - 352 kVAR b. - 225 kVAR c. - 127.8 kVAR d. - 97.2 kVAR

Description : Which of the following is not true about embedded systems? A. Built around specialized hardware B. Always contain an operating system C. Execution behavior may be deterministic D. All of these E. None of these

Answer : E. None of these 

Description : Names of some of the Operating Systems are given below: (a) MS-DOS (b) XENIX (c) OS/2 In the above list, following operating systems didn’t provide multiuser facility. (1) (a) only (2) (a) and (b) only (3) (b) and (C) only (4) (a), (b) and (c) 

Answer : Answer: Marks to all

Description : Distributed operating systems consist of: (1) Loosely coupled O.S. software on a loosely coupled hardware (2) Loosely coupled O.S. software on a tightly coupled hardware (3) Tightly coupled O.S. software on a loosely coupled hardware (4) Tightly coupled O.S. software on a tightly coupled hardware

Answer : Answer: 3

Description : What is watchdog timer ? Explain the implementation of time out for ATM with block diagram and program.

Answer : A special type of timer is a watchdog timer, which will reset the system after a predefined timeout. Watchdog timer reset timer every X time unit, else timer generates a signal ... be loaded into timereg. This is to prevent erroneous software from unintentionally resetting the watchdog timer.

Description : What are the essential tight constraint/s related to the design metrics of an embedded system? A. Ability to fit on a single chip B. Low power consumption C. Fast data processing for real-time operations D .All of the above

Answer : D .All of the above 

Description : What is the speciality of WINDOWS–NT? (1) supports real–time processing (2) supports LAN and WAN (3) supports Batch processing (4) supports multi–processing

Answer : supports multi–processing

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Description : A dynamic RAM has refresh cycle of 32 times per msec. Each refresh operation requires 100 nsec and a memory cycle requires 250 nsec. What percentage of memory’s total operating time is required for refreshes? (A) 0.64 (B) 0.96 (C) 2.00 (D) 0.32

Answer : Answer: D Explanation: in 1ms : refresh = 32 times Memory cycle = 1ms/250ns = 106ns/250ns = 4000 times Therefore, % of refresh time = (32 x 100ns)/(4000 x 250ns) = 3200ns/1000000 x 100% = 0.32%

Description : State two examples of RTOS.

Answer : 1. LynxOS. 2. OSE. 3. QNX. 4. RTLinux. 5. VxWorks. 6. Windows CE.

Description : Video transmission over the Internet that looks like delayed live casting is called: (A) virtual video (B) direct broadcast (C) video shift (D) real-time video

Answer : (D) real-time video

Description : Which of the following protocols is an application layer protocol that establishes, manages and terminates multimedia sessions? (A) Session Maintenance Protocol (B) Real - time Streaming Protocol (C) Real - time Transport Control Protocol (D) Session Initiation Protocol

Answer : (D) Session Initiation Protocol

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Answer : Answer: 3

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Answer : The purchasing power of his earnings

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Description : All systems of measurement use the same units for which of the following? w) mass x) time y) force z) volume

Answer : ANSWER: X -- TIME

Description : The transient step response of two systems exhibits same peak time. The dominant poles of the two systems can be represented in s plane along  A) A line parallel to X axis B) A line parallel to Y axis C) A line at an angle to negative real axis D) A semicircle

Description : Which of the following is considered a time domain technique in control systems? (a) Nyquist criterion (b) Bode plot (c) Root locus plot (d) Routh-Hurwitz criterion

Answer : Root locus plot

Description : A fast reactor uses: w) an extremely short time to get to the maximum operating reactivity. x) uranium-235 as fuel. y) heavy water as a coolant. z) essentially unmoderated neutrons.


Description : Consider three CPU intensive processes P1, P2, P3 which require 20, 10 and 30 units of time, arrive at times 1, 3 and 7 respectively. Suppose operating system is implementing Shortest Remaining Time first (preemptive scheduling) algorithm, then .............. context switches are required (suppose context switch at the beginning of Ready queue and at the end of Ready queue are not counted). (A) 3 (B) 2 (C) 4 (D) 5

Answer : (A) 3

Description : The ‘IBM-DOS’ is a (1) Single user operating system (2) Multiuser operating system (3) Batch operating system (4) Time-sharing operating system

Answer : Single user operating system

Description : A cistern is filled by three faucets with uniform flow. The first two faucets operating simultaneously fill the cistern in the same during which the cistern is filled by the third faucet alone. The second faucet fills the cistern 5 hours faster than the first faucet and 4 hours slower than the third faucet. The time required by the first faucet is? A) 6 hrs B) 10 hrs C) 15 hrs D) 30 hrs

Answer : C Suppose, first faucet alone takes x hours to fill the cistern. Then, second and third faucets will take (x - 5) and (x - 9) hours respectively to fill the cistern. 1/x + 1/(x - 5) = 1/(x - 9) (2x - 5)(x - 9) = x(x - 5) x2 - 18x + 45 = 0 (x- 15)(x - 3) = 0 => x = 15

Description : The operating time of instantaneous relay is

Answer : The operating time of instantaneous relay is 0.1 sec

Description : Which scheduling policy is most suitable for a time-shared operating system?  A) Shortest job first B) Round robin C) First come first serve D) Elevator

Answer : Which scheduling policy is most suitable for a time-shared operating system?  Round robin

Description : A 12-bit ADC is operating with a lus clock period and total conversion time is seen to be 14us always. The ADC must be of the type  a. Flash type b. Counting type c. Integrating type d. Successive approximation type

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Explain arbitration. What is priority arbitrator?

Answer : Arbitration: IF multiple peripherals are connected to microprocessor or DMA controller or any resource and they request services simultaneously so which peripheral will get serviced first this is ... Peripherals make requests to arbiter and arbiter makes requests to the resource.

Description : What is design technology? Explain top down design process.

Answer : Design technology: Design technology is the manner in which we convert our concept desired system into an implementation. The three main design technologies are 1. Compilation/Synthesis ... general purpose processors and A Gate-level Netlist for special-purpose processors.

Description : What is Mailbox? Write a note on Mailbox.

Answer : Mailbox is used for inter-process communication for sending small messages between tasks or between ISR and task. The Mailbox is used in some Real Time Operating system (RTOS). If the task or ... received by which task or thread is called mailbox client. Mailbox message is a kernel service.

Description :

Answer : Interrupt latency is the amount is the amount of time it takes a system to respond to an interrupt.The 4 factors influencing on embedded system response to an interrupt are:1. The longest period of time ... 2 is one of the reasons that it is generally a good idea to write short interrupt routines.

Description : What are counting semaphores and resource semaphore?

Answer : If a task tries to take the semaphore when the integer is equal to zero, then the task will block. These semaphores are called counting semaphore. Some system offer semaphore that can be ... , but they cannot be used to communicate between two tasks. Such semaphores are called resource semaphore.

Description :

Answer : notes.txt (18 kb) I added extra knowledge in this file.I also attach my programs. If any doubts ask me. If any doubt on socket please let me know. I know little bit English knowledge. If any spell mistake and grammar error sorry sorry.

Description :

Answer : There are two main types of task scheduling algorithm in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).1. Rate Monotonic Scheduling (RMS)2. Earliest-Deadline-First (EDF)Rate Monotonic Scheduling ( ... shortest period process and so on.Rate Monotonic Scheduing do not support non-periodic processees.

Description : what are different three main IC Technologies? discuss the advantages of each of them.

Answer : The three different IC technologies are 1.Full custom VLSI2.Semi-custom ASIC3.Programmable Logic Devices (PLD)The advantages of each of them are as follows :1. Full custom VLSIAll ... Logic devices are available instantly.In PLD there is not customised logic cell or mask layer.

Description : What are the advantages of using Linux?

Answer : Advantages of Linux are as follows :Linux is open source and free.Linux Is multiuser and multitasking operating system.Linux is the stable operating system.Linux is reliable.Linux can be modify according to requirements.Linux is the secure operating system.

Description : What is meant by embedded Linux?

Answer : Linux is the operating system if we use this operating system in embedded system devices then it is known as embedded Linux. Linux is open source and free.

Description : What is a single purpose processor?

Answer : Single Purpose Processor Single purpose processor is design to execute only one program. It perform particular computation task. So it have faster ... of single purpose processor. The datapath contains only required components.

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Answer : ; (d) Existence, relatedness, growth

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