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There are two main types of task scheduling algorithm in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS).

1. Rate Monotonic Scheduling (RMS)

2. Earliest-Deadline-First (EDF)

Rate Monotonic Scheduling (RMS) :

  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling is the static scheduling algorithm.
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling algorithm is used in Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS).
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling is used for scheduling processes on a single processor.
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling is a priority based scheduling.
  • In Rate Monotonic Scheduling the process with the shortest period has the highest priority.
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduling is useful in embedded systems.
  • The Rate Monotonic Scheduling assigns fixed priority to the processes based on the period.
  • The Rate Monotonic Scheduling algorithm put the process with a short period to highest priority and then next shortest period process and so on.
  • Rate Monotonic Scheduing do not support non-periodic processees.

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Answer : C) 30 days for the lower secondary and 20 days for the higher secondary stage 

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Answer : D) suitable ratio has to be maintained for admission of middle class and poor student also.

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Answer : Depression

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Answer : The color of wire recommended for earth connection as per BIS code is Green

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Description : "It's no use saying, 'We are doing our best.' You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary." - Winston Churchill

Description : It appears that modern students are adopting innovative methods of flattery and short-cuts in their studies. What do you think about its remedial measures? Options: A) Use these youngsters for your personal gains B) Teacher must protect their own faces from them C) Favourable remedial measures should be implemented to make them strong and upright citizens by the teachers D) As it is the trend of society there is nothing wrong in it

Answer : Favourable remedial measures should be implemented to make them strong and upright citizens by the teachers

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Answer : what it can earn in some other use.

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Answer : (a) TVC curve begins to fall at an increasing rate 

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Answer : Answer- c

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Answer : E Equilibrium is achieved when reactant and product concentrations are equal.

Description : An ice skater is rotating with her arms extended. When she pulls in her arms her rate of rotation increases. Which of the following statements dealing with the process is TRUE? w) Her moment of inertia is increased. x) Kinetic energy is conserved. y) The skater does work when pulling in her arms. z) Angular momentum is increased.


Description : If a learner is 'ready’ when he begins a new task and the first teaching is good, his learning curve will probably rise Options: A) Rapidly with wide fluctuations B) Rapidly with slight fluctuations C) At a moderate but very uniform rate of speed D) Slowly but steadily

Answer : B) Rapidly with slight fluctuations 

Description : The ambient air is stable when the ambient lapse rate is (1) Neutrally stable (2) Hyper-adiabatic (3) Sub-adiabatic (4) Super-adiabatic

Answer :  Sub-adiabatic

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