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Various features of Linux that are used in embedded systems are as follows :

  • Linux is multiuser operating system.
  • Linux is open source and free.
  • Linux can be modified according to users requirements.
  • Linux provides stability to embedded systems.
  • Time to market for an embedded system is very quickly with embedded systems.
  • Linux can be supported with various embedded system hardware.
  • Development time and cost is very low which is very advantageous in an embedded system.
  • Linux uses Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX).
  • Linux has many interfaces for users.
  • Linux supports handling of errors.
  • Real-time Linux supports the group scheduling functions.

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Description : List and explain the various functions supported by Linux/RTLinux.

Answer : Various functions of RTLinux is as follows: Interrupt handling functions

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Answer : Common computation models: Sequential program model Statements, rules for composing statements, semantics for executing them Communicating process model ... Object-oriented model For breaking complex software into simpler, well-defined pieces

Description : What is meant by embedded Linux?

Answer : Linux is the operating system if we use this operating system in embedded system devices then it is known as embedded Linux. Linux is open source and free.

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Answer : A semaphore is called binary semaphore when its value is 0, it is assumed that it has been taken (or accepted) & when its value is 1, it is assumed that it has been released & no ... that are not themselves reentrant.3. A reentrant function may does not use the hardware in a nonatomic way.

Description : What are the essential tight constraint/s related to the design metrics of an embedded system? A. Ability to fit on a single chip B. Low power consumption C. Fast data processing for real-time operations D .All of the above

Answer : D .All of the above 

Description : Explain the need to consider following factors in design matrix of embedded system: (i) Processor (ii) Memory (iii) Power (iv) Non- recurring engineering cost.

Answer : 1. Processor: Selection of processor depends upon amount of processing power and the register width required. Powerful 8bit, 16 bit, 32 bit & 64bit processors are available. The clock speed ... system is designed any number of units can be manufactured without incurring any additional design cost.

Description : In relation to embedded Linux how TCP/IP networking is done? Explain network configuration.

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Answer : Liquid Crystal Display:-An LCD is a low-cost, low power device capable of displaying text and images. LCD's are extremely common in embedded systems since such system often does not have video monitors ... toggles the enables bit and acts as a delay so that the command can be processed and executed.

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Answer : The main characteristics of an embedded system are:1. Single functioned2. Tightly constrained3. Reactive and real time1. Single functioned:An embedded system usually executes a specific program repeatedly.Ex. Pager ... computer user. But it doesn't result in a system failure.Ex. Digital camera chip

Description : Define embedded system.

Answer : An embedded system is nearly any computing system other than a desktop computer. Embedded systems are hard to define because they cover such a broad range of electronic devices. It has three main components: 1. Hardware 2. Main application software 3. Real time operating system

Description : What are the advantages of using Linux?

Answer : Advantages of Linux are as follows :Linux is open source and free.Linux Is multiuser and multitasking operating system.Linux is the stable operating system.Linux is reliable.Linux can be modify according to requirements.Linux is the secure operating system.

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Answer : A design metric is a measure of a implementations features such as cost, size, performance and power.Commonly used design metrics are:1.NRE cost:NRE stands for non recurring engineering cost. ... to check that manufacturing was correct.11.Safety:The probability that the system will not cause harm.

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Answer : Linux Kernel Architecture

Description : Linux Kernel Architecture

Answer : Linux Kernel Architecture: The kernel is a layer between Linux OS and hardware. When Linux is running in main memory it is divided into two parts one is user space and second is kernel space. 1.User Space 2.Kernel Space

Description : What is design technology? Explain top down design process.

Answer : Design technology: Design technology is the manner in which we convert our concept desired system into an implementation. The three main design technologies are 1. Compilation/Synthesis ... general purpose processors and A Gate-level Netlist for special-purpose processors.

Description : a) Time to market b) The performance

Answer : a) Time to market :Time to market is the time from development of an embedded system to sell it to customers is called time to market. For more profit, the time to market should be ... losses due to delayed entry.b) Performance :Latency and throughput are the two main measures of performance.

Description : Explain the various steps involved in designing a custom single-purpose processor.

Answer : A single purpose processor is a digital circuit designed to execute exactly one program. It is also known as co-processor, accelerator or peripheral. It contains only ... for small quantities. Performance may not match general-purpose processors for same applications.

Description : List down various types of clamping devices used in design of Jigs. Explain any one with sketch.

Answer : List of Types of clamping devices used in design of jigs. i. Screw clamp ii. Pivoted clamp. iii. Equalizing clamp. iv. Latch clamp. v. Wedge clamp. vi. Hinged jaw clamp. ... to be gripped on its edges as shown in figure. This arrangement ensures easy machining of the work piece 

Description : Which of the following is an (are) example(s) of an embedded system for signal processing? A. Apple iPOD (media player device) B. SanDisk USB mass storage device C. Both (A) and (B) D. None of these

Answer : D. None of these 

Description : Which of the following is (are) example(s) of embedded system for data communication? USB Mass Storage device A. Network router B. Digital camera C. Music player D. All of these E. None of these

Answer : B. Digital camera 

Description : Sketch internal design of 4x3 ROM.

Answer : The internal design of 4x3 ROM

Description : Describe different RT level computational and sequential components used to design single function processors.

Answer : RT-level combinational components:- To reduce the complexity in digital logic, combinational components are used, which are more powerful than logic gates.  Such combinational ... during a clock edge. An asynchronous inputs value effects the circuit independent of the clock.

Description : Differentiate general purpose processor, single purpose processor and ASIC with respect to design matrix, with suitable example.

Answer : General purpose processorGeneral purpose processor is a Programmable device.General purpose processor used in microprocessor.General purpose processor have general data path with large register ... Examples of application specific processor are embedded microcontroller, network processor and DSP.

Description : A peculiar feature of the embryonic mammalian circulatory system is that in the area of the heart the cells adhere to one another, beating in unison and adopting specialized orientations exclusive of one another. (A) beating in unison and adopting (B) they beat in unison while adopting (C) beat in unison, and adopt (D) beating in unison yet adopting (E) even though they beat in unison and adopt

Description : Which one of the following is not an Operating System ? (A) IBM AIX (B) Linux (C) Sun Solaris (D) Firefox

Answer : (D) Firefox

Description : Linux operating system uses (A) Affinity Scheduling (B) Fair Preemptive Scheduling (C) Hand Shaking (D) Highest Penalty Ratio Next

Answer : (B) Fair Preemptive Scheduling Explanation: Linux uses two process-scheduling algorithms: 1. A time-sharing algorithm for fair preemptive scheduling between multiple processes 2. A real-time algorithm for tasks where absolute priorities are more important than fairness

Description : How would you solve the problem of your child, if he takes extra-interest in late night films on TV? Options: A) By persuading the child that he cannot reach to school early in the morning due to late night sleep B) By convincing him that late night films are not useful for young children C) By scolding him and discouraging for it D) By going to sleep before schedule in order to force him to early sleep

Answer : B) By convincing him that late night films are not useful for young children 

Description : The Prototyping model of software development is: (1) a reasonable approach when requirements are well-defined. (2) a useful approach when a customer cannot define requirements clearly. (3) the best approach to use for projects with large development teams. (4) a risky model that rarely produces a meaningful product.

Answer : Answer: 2

Description : Which of the following statements is not true for Multi Level Feedback Queue processor scheduling algorithm? (A) Queues have different priorities. (B) Each queue may have different scheduling algorithm (C) Processes are permanently assigned to a queue (D) This algorithm can be configured to match a specific system under design

Answer : (C) Processes are permanently assigned to a queue

Description : A digital multi meter is an example of an embedded system for A. Data communication B. Monitoring C. Control D. All of these E. None of these

Answer : B. Monitoring 

Description : Which of the following statement(s) is/are FALSE in the context of Relational DBMS ? I. Views in a database system are important because they help with access control by allowing users to see only a particular subset of the data in the database. II. E-R diagrams are useful to logically model concepts. III. An update anomaly is when it is not possible to store information unless some other, unrelated information is stored as well. IV. SQL is a procedural language. (A) I and IV only (B) III and IV only (C) I, II and III only (D) II, III and IV only

Answer : (D) II, III and IV only

Description : A coordinate system based on the ecliptic system is especially useful for the studies of w) planets x) stars y) the Milky Way z) galaxies


Description : Active X controls are Pentium binary programs that can be embedded in ............... (A) Word pages (B) URL pages (C) Script pages (D) Web pages

Answer : (D) Web pages

Description : Explain the Mechatronics system with the help of block diagram and labeled the various elements. 

Answer : The key elements of Mechatronics systems can be classified under following categories:  Information systems  Mechanical systems  Electrical systems  Computer systems  Sensor and actuators  ... is adjusted based on generated error and again signal is given to actuators and sensors.

Description : Define Lissajous pattern. Explain how Lissajous pattern is useful for frequency and phase measurement.

Answer : Lissajous Pattern : The CRO is set to operate in the X- Y mode, when two sine waves of the same frequency are applied to the CRO (One vertical and one horizontal deflection plates) then the display obtained on ... 1. Lissajous pattern for ratio 3:1    2. Lissajous pattern for ratio 3:2  

Description : A poll of students appearing for masters in engineering indicating that 60% of the students believed that mechanical engineering is a profession unsuitable for women. A research study on women with master or higher degrees in mechanical engineering found that 90% of such women were successful in their professions. Which of the following can be logically inferred from the above paragraph?  (A) Many students have misconceptions regarding various engineering disciplines. (B) Men with advanced degrees in mechanical engineering believe women are well suited to be mechanical engineers. (C) Mechanical engineering is a profession well suited for women with masters or higher degrees in mechanical engineering. (D) The number of women pursing higher degrees in mechanical engineering is small.

Answer : Correct option is (C). A poll says that women with masters or higher degrees in mechanical engineers are successful in their professions. This statement leads to the option (C) which is the best inference

Description : Many sophisticated techniques or tolls are useful in decision-making. Which of the following is a tool that helps managers figure out how much to produce and points out the relationship between revenues, costs, and profits? (a) Marginal analysis ; (b) Breakeven analysis ; (c) Ratio analysis ; (d) Financial analysis

Answer : (b) Breakeven analysis ;

Description : In making use of employment information, it is well to remember that Options: A) The more general the information, the more useful it is B) One should select one source of information and stick to it C) Descriptions in term of absolute adjectives are best D) Recent primary sources are better than secondary ones

Answer : D) Recent primary sources are better than secondary ones 

Description : ______________ is useful for time-sensitive application that have very small data units to exchange and do not want the overhead of connection setup. A. TCP B. UDP C. Transport layer D. None of the above.

Answer : B. UDP 

Description : Which of the following is used to design the ICs which are used in Computer System? (A) Silicon (B) Copper (C) Zinc (D) Steel

Answer : Which of the following is used to design the ICs which are used in Computer System? (A) Silicon (B) Copper (C) Zinc (D) Steel

Description : The first mass produced embedded system is A. Minuteman-I B. Minuteman-II C. Autonetics D-17 D. Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) 

Answer : C. Autonetics D-17 

Description : The first recognized modern embedded system is A. Apple computer B. Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) C. Calculator D. Radio navigation system

Answer : B. Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) 

Description : Which of the following is not an example of a “small-scale embedded system”? A. Electronic Barbie doll B. Simple calculator C. Cell phone D. Electronic toy car

Answer : C. Cell phone 

Description : Which of the following is not true about embedded systems? A. Built around specialized hardware B. Always contain an operating system C. Execution behavior may be deterministic D. All of these E. None of these

Answer : E. None of these 

Description : Embedded system is______ A. An electronic system B. A pure mechanical system C. An electro-mechanical system D. (A) or (C)

Answer : D. (A) or (C) 

Description : ______ is a branch of computer science which deals with helping machines finds solutions to complex problems in a more human like fashions A. Artificial Intelligence B. Internet of Things C. Embedded System D. Cyber Security

Answer : A. Artificial Intelligence 

Description : State four advantages of embedded system. 

Answer : 1) Design and Efficiency 2) Cost 3) Accessibility 4) Maintenance 5) Redundancies

Description : Draw the block diagram of an embedded system and describe the hardware units of an embedded system.

Answer : OR Explanation: The embedded system consist of different components embedded into it as follows: 1) Embedded Processor 2) Power supply , reset and Oscillator circuits 3) System timers 4) ... to store data and program. Following are types of memories used in embedded system.

Description : Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike - CC BY-SA.

Answer : Components of an Embedded System   By this time we know where are our Embedded Systems and what makes them stand out from other systems like Calculators, Desktop Computers, and our Old Television ... account the technical as well as economic considerations.  Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur

Description : Which of the following is a real time embedded system? Justify your answer (a) Ceiling Fan (b) Microwave Oven (c) Television Set (d) Desktop Key Board (e) Digital Camera Distributed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike - CC BY-SA. 

Answer : (b) and (e) are embedded systems  (a) Ceiling Fans: These are not programmable.  (b) & (e) obey all definitions of Embedded Systems such as (i) Working in Real Time (ii) Programmable ... mass-produced, so the cost savings may be multiplied by millions of items.  Version 2 EE IIT, Kharagpur

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