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Hydro-power plant is the place where electricity is generated through use of water falling. The potential energy of water generates electricity by falling the water on turbine the turbine rotates which rotates the shaft of generator then generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy. No fuel is required in hydropower plant so the cost of fuel is free. Also, the hydropower plant is pollution free. 

For advantages of hydro-power see this  

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Answer :

The potential energy of water is coverted into kinetic energy by flowing it from height and with the help of k.e. Turbines are rotate at particular speed it means the k.e. Of water is again converted into mechanical energy.due to motion of turbine the dynamo generates the high voltage it means it finaly converted into electrical energy.

Then we simply define the hydro power plant as it give the conversion of P.E OF water into electrical energy
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Description : State the function of following with respect to hydro power plant : I) Storage reservoir II) Surge tank II) Spillways IV) Trash rack

Answer : I) Storage reservoir: It is the basic requirement of hydroelectric plant. Its purpose is to store water which may be utilized to run the prime mover to produce electrical power. A reservoir stores during ... of nozzles of impulse turbines. It is made of steel bars and is placed across the intake.

Description : State any four factors for selection of hydro power plant site. 

Answer : Following Factors to be kept while site selecting for Hydro power plant: 1) Quantity of water available :-Where high rainfall occures so that sufficent quantity of water can be stored for generation of ... be possible to divert the stream. 11. Sand, gravel, etc., should be available nearby.

Description : Write any two disadvantages of hydro power plant.

Answer : Disadvantages of hydro power plant: i) Due to high cost of civil engineering works, the capital cost per kW of hydro plants is considerably higher than that of steam plants. ii) Hydro ... ) Hydro plant reservoir submerges huge areas, uproots large population and creates social and other problems. 

Description : Explain necessity of routine maintenance of micro hydro power plant. Write its procedure. 

Answer : Necessity - In order to operate micro-hydro power plants in good condition for a long period, waterway facilities, electric equipment, transmission and distribution lines should be maintained ... functions correctly. Inspection of intake area, impounding structures, pipeline, sluice(s).

Description : Write concept and principle used in micro hydro power plant.

Answer : Concept -  Hydropower plants capture the energy of falling water to generate electricity. A turbine converts the kinetic energy of falling water into mechanical energy. Then a generator ... water turbine. The turbine drives the generator and converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.