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Answer :

Applications of zener diode are :

Zener diode can be use for voltage regulator.

Zener diode can be use for clippers or limiters.

Zener diode can be use for overvoltage protection.

Zener diode can be use as voltage reference.

Zener diode can be use as transistor regulator.

These are some applications of zener diode.
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Description : Write two applications of P-N junction diode and zener diode. 

Last Answer : Application of P-N junction diode: Used in rectifier circuit Used in clipping and clamping circuit. Used for A.M detection Used for voltage multiplier. Application of Zener diode: It is ... . Used in protection circuits for MOSFET. Used in pulse amplifier. Used in clipping circuits.

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Description : Give the speciality of zener diode. State its 2-3 applications

Last Answer : Speciality - This diode can keep breakdown voltage constant across it. It is used in reverse bias. Applications - Zener diodes voltage regulation as reference elements surge suppressors switching applications clipper circuits.

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Description : State any two applications of zener diode.

Last Answer : Applications of Zener Diode: i) As a voltage regulator. ii) As a fixed reference voltage provider in transistor biasing circuits. iii) As peak clippers or limiters in wave shaping circuits.

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Last Answer : A Zener diode is operated in the Breakdown Region 

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