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Arduino Uno R3 with USB Cable



   Rs. 500.00


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We are selling at 400 rupees. Can we get more cheaper from anywhere?

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Answer : Compare microprocessor and microcontroller Microprocessor Microcontroller 1)Inbuilt RAM and ROM 1)Do not have inbuilt RAM or ROM 2)Inbuilt timer 2)Doesn't have inbuilt timer ... same memory 6)Many Multifunction pins on the IC  6)less multifunction Pins on IC.

Description : What are the two basic functions needed to code in Arduino and what are they used for?

Answer : The setup() function, which is called once when a program (sketch) starts. It is used to initialize variables, pin modes and libraries. The loop() function, which runs continuously after the code starts. ... as the blink of a light, the activation of a servomotor or the reading of a sensor value.

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Answer : The Arduino board connects to the computer via a USB port from the computer to a USB port on the Arduino board.

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*For Ready made arduino based projects message now* :

Description : What is the use of Arduino Uno?

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Answer : 5volts is enough to supply the Arduino.

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Answer : Arduino: Arduino is a open source hardware and software. Arduino is a microcontroller. Since Arduino is open source it have many manufacturer. Arduino project was started in about year ... many sensors to the Arduino. Arduino board have microprocessor, crystal oscillator, 5V voltage regulator.

Description : Enlist the advantages of Microcontroller

Answer : Advantages of microcontrollers:  It is an integrated chip with all valuable components including RAM, ROM, I/O Ports.  Cost reducing programs with simple circuitry.  Inbuilt timers / ... Microcontrollers are cheap and very small in size.  Programming of Microcontrollers is simple to learn

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Answer : Diagram : Explanation: The robot has three axes about which motion can occur. Rotation in a clockwise or anti-clock wise direction of the unit on its base Arm extension or ... . The gripper can be opened or closed by the piston in a linear cylinder extending or retracting as.

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Answer : C) Who Never Encourages Children To Known Something Not In Curriculum. 

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Answer : An IR sensor gives off infrared light forward that can be reflected off an object in front of the sensor in order to detect its presence.

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The microprocessor can read/write 16 bit data from or to ________ A. memory B. I /O device C. processor D. register

Answer : The microprocessor can read/write 16 bit data from or to memory 

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Answer : What is corrugated board and where is it used? Among the building materials that have a wide field of application, the professional sheet (corrugated board) is perhaps the most versatile ... This technology makes it possible to build non-residential buildings relatively quickly and at minimal cost.

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Answer : Correct option is (C). Option (i) and (iii) state phrases like ‘in the initial years’ and ‘SIT like institutions can only be established in consultation with IIT’ cannot be logically inferred so (ii) and (iv) are the best inferences i.e. option (C) 

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