why ACcurrent is smaller than DC current

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AC current is not always smaller than DC.

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Description : Why poles of dc machine are laminated?

Answer : Poles of DC machines are laminated to reduce the eddy current losses in the poles.

Description : Explain why potential difference is necessary to produce current in a circuit.

Description : Why inductor current lags inductor voltage ?

Answer : Inductor is a wire wounding structure having a core material it induces emf which is opposite to the voltage supply and proportional to rate of change of current so current lags the voltage in inductor

Description : Why does the speed of a DC shunt motor decrease as the load increases?

Answer : Because if the load is increasing then the torque must also be increase. If not then the speed of motor will decrease.

Description : Even at no-load, a transformer draws current from the mains. Why?

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