why ACcurrent is smaller than DC current

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Answer :

AC current is not always smaller than DC.

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Description : Why poles of dc machine are laminated?

Last Answer : Poles of DC machines are laminated to reduce the eddy current losses in the poles.

Description : Why does the speed of a DC shunt motor decrease as the load increases?

Last Answer : Because if the load is increasing then the torque must also be increase. If not then the speed of motor will decrease.

Description : Explain why potential difference is necessary to produce current in a circuit.

Description : Why inductor current lags inductor voltage ?

Last Answer : Inductor is a wire wounding structure having a core material it induces emf which is opposite to the voltage supply and proportional to rate of change of current so current lags the voltage in inductor

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Description : Why is AC considered more efficient than DC?

Last Answer : Ac is more efficient than dc because it is easy to maintain and change the voltage of ac for transmission and distribution purpose. Plant cost of ac transmission is much lower compared to dc transmission. When fault occurs it is easy to interrupt ac supply.

Description : Why is AC better for long distance power transmission than DC ?

Last Answer : ac is more economical to transmit for long distances . wires can be made smaller by step up transformer .. since major cost are wires to transmit .. then at the end of distance step down transformer is used for commercial use.

Description : Why is the dc scale on a multimeter different than the ac scale?

Last Answer : The meter movement reacts to average ac voltage and current and the effective value is desired.

Description : Why are DC motors used in trains and not AC motors ?

Last Answer : The reason is torque. torque is inversely proportional to speed..i.e when th knowe train comes to rest position to motion.. initial speed is zero..so it requires high starting torque for ... current will flow through field and armature coils then maximum torque is available at the intial condition.

Description : Which is more dangerous AC or DC and why ?

Last Answer : Dc is more dangerous than Ac because in Ac the voltage  will varies but in dc the constant voltage 

Description : when charging a battery we use a DC supply but not an AC supply. Why ?

Last Answer : When power is supplied to the battery, electrolyte inside the battery is divided into positive and negative ions, where ions with similar pole is gained in one side. This reactionʼs flow coincides with direct current.

Description : Why can't we store AC in batteries instead of DC ?

Last Answer : Because the direction of the current changes in AC electricity, you cannot directly store the power. Placing a capacitor in an AC circuit has no effect on the alternating flow of the electricity. The only ... is indirectly, by storing DC and then using a power inverter to convert the DC to AC.

Description : Why the Led Glow in Dc Supply ? Whenever give the Ac Supply What is Affect in Led ?

Last Answer : LEDs consume DC current to produce light; with AC current the LED will only be lit when current flow is in the proper direction. AC applied to an LED will cause it to blink on and off, and at high frequency the LED will appear to be lit continuously.

Last Answer : dc

Description : In practice, a current source inverter consists of an AC/ DC converter with a large inductance ‘L’ in the output. This inductance maintains a ……… …………through the switching devices over short interval of time. A) constant current B) constant voltage C) constant power D) none of the (A), (B), (C)

Last Answer : In practice, a current source inverter consists of an AC/ DC converter with a large inductance ‘L’ in the output. This inductance maintains a constant current through the switching devices over short interval of time. 

Description : Do cell phones use AC or DC current?

Last Answer : DC of course.

Description : Is current from a battery AC or DC?

Last Answer : The current from the battery is DC

Description : what is the difference between AC and DC current ?

Last Answer : AC is generated using Alternator. DC is generated using DC generator. AC changes its direction periodically. DC do not change its direction periodically. AC have non zero frequency. DC have zero ... Power factor of AC is between 0 and 1. But power factor of DC is always 1.

Description : Why does using ac vice dc bias voltage result in a stronger output signal?

Last Answer : Because an ac bias voltage of the proper frequency and level places the input signal away from both steps in the magnetism curve. The result is two undistorted output signals that are combined into one strong output.

Description : Why does adding dc vice ac bias voltage to the input signal result in a poor signal-to-noise ratio (SNR)?

Last Answer : With dc bias, the SNR is poor because only a small portion of the magnetism curve is straight enough to use, thus the output signal is weak compared with the natural tape hiss.

Description : Q-10 In TANDEM SAW process, why AC and DC both currents are used?

Last Answer : AC will melt the base metal and make weld pool in the base metal and by DC it will fill the weld metal in the weld pool.

Description : Why do we use AC current in our homes?

Last Answer : We used it for cooking rice,  For washing clothes and for lights in the house.

Description : Is the field current in an alternator AC or DC ?

Description : The output from a full wave rectifier is (a) A pulsating uni-directional current (b) A DC voltage (c) Zero (d) An AC voltage

Last Answer : a) A pulsating uni-directional current

Description : In a simple dc circuit, voltage equals resistance multiplied by current. This is also considered true in an AC circuit if the what values of the current and voltage are used.


Description : A transformer works with (1) alternating current only (2) direct current only (3) both AC and DC (4) any signal

Last Answer : alternating current only

Description : What component causes a generator to produce dc voltage rather than ac voltage at its output terminals?

Last Answer : A commutator

Description : When using multiple SAW arc systems (twin wires etc), the arcs often have different polarities or use all AC rather than DC polarity, this is to? a) Prevent arc blow between arcs b) To maximize productivity c) To even out the power factor on the mains supply d) Make it easier to initiate the arc

Last Answer : b) To maximize productivity

Description : In a half wave rectifier the rms value of AC component of the waves (a) Zero (b) Equal to DC value (c) More than DC value (d) Less than DC value

Last Answer : b) Equal to DC value

Description : Do you think is DC better than AC to transmit energy?

Last Answer : In Long distance DC transmission will be better in cost. It requires more equipments for flexiblity In short distance AC transmission is better in  cost. It is more Flexible

Description : What is the advantage of AC over DC electrical transmission?

Description : What would happen if a DC motor was supplied with AC ?

Last Answer : With three phase induction motor, humming and not rotate, but if single phase universal motor like air blower, home mixture, motor run on constant speed..speed variation not possible...

Description : What is the conversion between. AC to AC ? DC to DC? AC to DC? DC to AC ?

Last Answer : 1.ac to ac is regulation 2.dc to dc is chopper 3.ac to dc is rectifier 4.dc to ac is inverter

Description : Is the power line voltage available in our homes a dc or an ac voltage?

Last Answer : The power line voltage available in our homes is AC. Mobile dwellings are the most commonly DC-supplied homes and even then they tend to include AC supply for heavier loads.

Description : Compare AC & DC track circuits on i) Length of circuit ii) Application iii) Effect of stray currents. iv) Maintenance

Last Answer : Ans: i) Length of circuit - a) AC track circuit is having long length upto 3 to 5 km b) DC track circuit is having short length  ii)Application -a) AC track circuit is used ... ) Maintenance - a) AC track circuit has easier and cheaper maintenance b) DC track circuit has complicated maintenance 

Description : Distinguish between AC and DC.

Last Answer : Particulars Direct Current Alternating Current Definition It is the current whose magnitude and direction do not change with respect to time. It is the current whose ... system, electroplating, Battery charging, Traction. AC machines, Domestic and industrial supply.

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