what is MOSFET ?
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Answer :

•MOSFET is a type of Field Effect Transistor (FET).

•It is a voltage controlled transistor.

•MOSFET have very high input impedance.

•It can be use with very low current circuits.

•It is very fast switching device.

•It is also use for amplifying signals.

•It is useful in low power high frequency converter applications.

•It is use in memory and ICs and processors and various faster switching application.

•It basically consists of 4 terminals out of which two terminals are connected to each other i.e. drain and body.

•Its operation based on flow of majority charged carrier only.

•It is a unipolar device.

•It form a parallel plate capacitor with gate oxide layer.

•It have problem of electrostatics discharge.

•The gate draws a very small leakage current in the order of Nano ampere.

•There are two types of MOSFET one is enhancement mode and second is depletion mode.

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Answer : MOSFETs are of two types namely  1) enhancement type MOSFET  or  E-MOSFET 2) depletion type MOSFET  or  D-MOSFET

Description : what are the uses of MOSFET ?

Answer : Choppers and inverters and where high switching frequency is required.

Answer : Yes IGBT is costlier than BJT and MOSFET.

Answer : No MOSFET do not have a second breakdown problem.