Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

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Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)

  • LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display.
  • It is a flat panel electronic display device which uses light modulating properties of liquid crystal.
  • LCD are raster format display.
  • LCD is made from electronic circuit, mirror, liquid crystal layer, positive and negative electrodes, polarizing films, TFT glass, glass cover etc.
  • TFT (thin film transistor) glass consists of many TFT’s.
  • LCD consists of large number of small pixels.
  • Pixels are in between two electrodes one is positive and second is negative electrode.
  • When no voltage is applied then liquid crystals are in random form or twisted form and when voltage is applied then they come in strengthen form.
  • Each pixel is consist of 3 colour i.e. red, green and blue (RGB).
  • Many pixels form a object using different intensities of colour of RGB.
  • LCD are use for computer monitor, television, watches, mobile phone, and other display devices.
  • LCD uses polarization of light and electric field to display objects.
  • There are two types of LCD one is active pixel display and second is passive pixel display.
  • Active pixel display consists of switch at each pixel and passive pixel display do not consist of switch at each pixel.

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Answer : LED is better than LCD. LED have lots of advantages and LED have long span .

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Answer : Backlight: The amount of light supplied by Back Light is determined by the amount of movement of the liquid crystals in such a way as to generate color. Driving Circuit Unit Driving ... color LCD is subdivided into three subpixels, where one set of RGB subpixels is equal to one pixel.

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Answer : Basic Principle: The main principle of a piezoelectric crystal is that a mechanical force, when applied on the crystal, it vibrates and produces electric charges on the crystal surface. When ac voltage is applied across crystal, it vibrates at the frequency of the applied voltage. (OR)

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Answer : In a radio transmitter, the frequency of the crystal oscillator will be stable for a long time if the quality factor of the crystal resonator is  > 1000

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Answer : the wavelength of X-ray is of the same order of magnitude in the inter atomic spacing in crystals 

Description : Frequency stability of crystal oscillator is due to its  A) Low Q B) Low loss C) High feed back D) High bandwidth

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