What is application of inductor?

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Inductors are use in analog circuits.

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Description : Inductor application and Energy Stored in Magnetic Field

Description : (b) Consider the circuit shown under the DC-steady-state condition. (i) Re-draw the circuit by replacing the capacitor and inductor with open and short-circuit. (ii) ... and the voltage, VC. (iii) Calculate the energy stored in the inductor and capacitor, respectively. 

Description : Why inductor current lags inductor voltage ?

Last Answer : Inductor is a wire wounding structure having a core material it induces emf which is opposite to the voltage supply and proportional to rate of change of current so current lags the voltage in inductor

Description : Explain operation of series inductor filter and find out its ripple factor.

Last Answer : Circuit diagram of series inductor filter :  Operation of Series Inductor Filter : A high value of inductor is connected in series with load. Then the combination is connected across the rectifier. ... Hence increase in current reduces ripple factor. Ripple Factor:- RF = R / 3√2 ω L

Description : Related to inductor state (i) any two types (ii) any two applications 

Last Answer : Ans: i) Types of inductors & their applications:  1) Iron core inductors: Used in Low frequency applications such as filter chokes, amplifiers  2) Air core inductors: Used in high ... frequency upto 100MHz applications such as oscillators, RF amplifiers, Radio and TV receivers, signal generators.

Description : An inductor of Q factor 10 is connected in series with a capacitor having a Q factor of 100. The overall Q factor of the circuit is :  (A) 100/11 (B) 11/100 (C) 110 (D) 1000

Last Answer : An inductor of Q factor 10 is connected in series with a capacitor having a Q factor of 100. The overall Q factor of the circuit is : 100/11

Description : In an isolated output dc-to-dc fly back converter, the high frequency transformer used works as an inductor (a) during turn -on period of the switching device (b) during turn off period of the switching device (c) during both (d) none of these

Description : In a series RLC circuit, the rms value of voltage across the resistor is 30 V, across the inductor is 60 V and across the capacitor is 20 V. The rms supply voltage would be (A) 110 V (B) 10 V (C) 220 V (D) 50 V

Description : What is the reactance of a 3H inductor when the frequency is 120 Hz? A. 2260 ohm B. 2060 ohm C. 360 ohm D. 0  

Last Answer : 2260 ohm is the reactance of a 3H inductor when the frequency is 120 Hz.

Description : An inductor at t = 0+ with zero initial conditions acts as   (a) short circuit (b) open circuit (c) current source (d) voltage source 

Last Answer : short circuit, because as time goes an indicator gains low resistance to steady voltage

Description : A pure inductor has power factor of   (a) 1 (b) 1/ 2 (c) 0 (d) None of these 

Last Answer : Zero The current lags behind voltage by 90 degrees in case of a pure inductor  Therefore the power factor = cos{angle between voltage and current}  = cos(90) = 0

Description : What is back EMF in inductor?

Description : What is the difference between a coil and an inductor?

Last Answer : Inductor is covering with insulating material is called coil.so they differentiate between coil and inductor.

Description : A sine wave voltage is applied across an inductor. When the frequency of the voltage is decreased, the current decreases.

Last Answer : The question seems to be wrong. Increase in frequency would actually decrease the current through the Inductor. This happens because inductive reactance Xl is directly proportional to frequency. And if frequency increases the value of Xl would ... vice versa. Xl= 2*pi*f*L I=E/Z Z=sqrt(R^2+Xl^2)

Description : In a Computer_________ is capable to store single binary bit. 1 Capacitor 2 Flip Flop 3 Register 4 Inductor

Last Answer : 2 Flip Flop

Description : How does a capacitor and an inductor react to (a) low frequency and (b) high frequency?

Last Answer : At low-frequency, a capacitor acts as an open and an inductor acts as a short. At high-frequency, a capacitor acts as a short and an inductor acts as an open.

Description : What is the term for the number of times per second that tank circuit energy is either stored in the inductor or capacitor?

Last Answer : Natural frequency or resonant frequency (f r).

Description : When the magnetic field of the inductor is completely collapsed, where is the energy of the tank circuit stored?

Last Answer : . Capacitor.

Description : If the inductor and capacitor values are increased, what happens to the resonant frequency?

Last Answer : Decreases.

Description : In an a.c. circuit that contains both an inductor and a capacitor, what term is used for the difference between the individual reactances?

Last Answer : Resultant reactance.

Description : When you are testing an inductor with a Hay bridge, the characteristics of the inductor are compared with what type of device?

Last Answer : A standard capacitor

Description : Which oscillator uses a tapped inductor for feedback?

Last Answer : Hartley.

Description : State three types of power loss in an inductor.

Last Answer : Copper loss; hysteresis loss; eddy-current loss.

Description : What is the term for the opposition an inductor presents to ac?

Last Answer : Inductive reactance.

Description : What is the phase relationship between current and voltage in an inductor?

Last Answer : Current lags voltage by 90° (ELI).

Description : What effect does an inductor have on a change in current?

Last Answer : An inductor opposes a change in current.

Description : Is the current flow through an inductor directly proportional or inversely proportional to its inductance value?

Last Answer : Directly proportional.

Description : A Hay bridge measures inductance by comparing an inductor to what component?

Last Answer : A capacitor.

Description : Refers to an ac bridge for measuring the inductance and Q of an inductor in terms of resistance, frequency and a standard capacitance.

Last Answer : hay bridge

Description : P-n junction when reversed biased acts as a (a) Capacitor (b) inductor (c) on switch (d) off switch

Last Answer : d) off switch

Description : Due to self-inductance, the coil wires are known as: a. Insulator b. Conductor c. Inductor d. Semi-conductor

Last Answer : c. Inductor

Description : The work is stored in an inductor in form of.......: a. Elastic potential energy b. Kinetic energy c. Potential energy d. Gravitational potential energy

Last Answer : b. Kinetic energy

Description : The energy density of an inductor is: a. B 2 / 2 μ2 b. B/ 2 μ c. B/ 2 μ2 d. B 2 / 2 μ

Last Answer : c. B/ 2 μ2

Description : derive an expression for the Ripple factor in a full wave rectifier using inductor filter

Description : Describe the operation of inductor filter with help of circuit diagram and waveforms.

Description : Describe the operation of inductor with sinusoidal AC voltage as input. Draw waveform for voltage across and current through the inductor. Draw its phasor representation.

Last Answer : An alternating voltage is applied to a purely inductive coil, a back e.m.f. is produced due to self-inductance of the coil. The back e.m.f. at every step, opposes the rise of fall of current through the coil ... drop, the applied voltage has to overcome this self induced e.m.f. only.

Description : Explain the working principle of slug tuned inductor.

Last Answer : The value of inductor increases, when the slug (moving coil) is moved into the coil winding and hence decreases the resonant frequency of the tuned circuit. Similarly, when the slug is moved out of the ... be varied by using movable core which can be moved up or down by using screw driver.

Description : Draw the construction diagram of air core inductor. List two applications

Last Answer : Applications: i. It is used for construction of IF and RF tuning coils. ii. It is used for interstage coupling.

Description : Draw a label diagram of ferrite core inductor.

Last Answer : Ferrite core inductor

Description : Draw the constructional diagram of iron core inductor and write the working of it.

Last Answer : Iron core inductors allow high inductance value but are limited in high frequency capacity due to hysteresis and eddy current losses. Iron core increases the magnetic induction of a ... certain point this result in a useful increase in inductance. Beyond that point, inductance decreases.

Description : State two functions of slug- tuned inductor and write the expression of self-inductance.

Last Answer : It is kind of variable inductor. The value of inductance increases, when the slug is moved into the coil winding and decreases the resonant frequency. When the slug is moved out of the coil ... decreases and resonant frequency of the tuned circuit increases. Self-inductance (L)= N x φ /I

Description : Write the difference between iron core inductor and ferrite core inductor. 

Last Answer : difference between iron core inductor and ferrite core inductor

Description : With help of constructiobal diagram, explain working of slug tunned inductor.

Last Answer : The variable inductor having an adjustable ferrite core is known as slug tuned inductor. The value of inductance increases or decreases respectively, due to the movement of a ferrite core into or out of ... be varied by using movable core which can be moved up or down by using screw driver. 

Description : Define Inductor. Draw its symbol. 

Last Answer : An inductor is a passive electronic component that stores energy in the form of a magnetic field  

Description : State the advantages and disadvantages of series inductor and shunt capacitor filter.

Last Answer : Advantages of series inductor filter 1. It has low ripple factor at heavy load currents (i.e. low load resistance) 2. It has no surge current through the diode. 3. It reduces the ripple in the DC ... . 3. It has low output voltages for heavy loads. 4. Ripple factor is dependent on the load.

Description : Draw labeled diagram of air core inductor.

Last Answer : Diagram of air-cored inductor :

Description : Draw the symbol of i) Iron core inductor ii) variable capacitor iii) resistor iv) Ferrite core inductor

Last Answer :  Iron core inductor:  Ferrite core inductor:  

Description : A series circuit consists of a two ohm RESISTOR and a one ohm INDUCTOR. The relationship between current and voltage is: w) current will lag by 30 degrees. x) current will lag by 26 degrees. y) current will lead by 26 degrees. z) current will lead by 30 degrees.


Description : The component used for tuning a radio is basically a variable (1) Resistor (2) Condenser (3) Inductor (4) Transformer

Last Answer : Condenser

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