Which is the best conductor of electricity?
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Answer :

Silver is the best conductor of electricity .

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Description : Best conductor of heat and electricity is (A) nickel (B) copper (C) chromium (D) aluminium 

Answer : Best conductor of heat and electricity is copper

Description : 1. What is Syrinx? 2. By whom is the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is elected? 3. Which is the best conductor of electricity ? 4. Which of the planets is nearest to the earth? 5. In ... the equator from either of the poles? 20. Who was the President of the First Buddhist Council held at Rajagriha?

Answer : Answer : 1. Voice box in Birds 2. All the members of Lok Sabha 3. Silve 4. Venus 5. 1921 6. Sucheta Kripalani 7. 20 8. Stilt 9. Venus 10. Rigveda 11. A separate Constitution 12. Wood 13 ... 14. Approximately 68 km 15. Horses 16. UNESCO 17. Sugarcane 18. Governor 19. 10,002 km 20. Mahakassapa

Description : The best conductor of electricity among the following is : (1) Copper (2) Iron (3) Aluminium (4) Silver

Answer : Silver

Description : Which of the following is not property of an alloy? a) strong b)resistant to corrosion c)hard d)Poor conductor of electricity

Answer : d)Poor conductor of electricity

Description : Which of the properties listed below would you expect a solution to have if it is an acid? w) It feels slippery to the touch. x) It tastes bitter. y) It turns red litmus blue. z) It is a conductor of electricity.