Do holes move in semiconductor?
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Answer :

Never,holes is just our assumption we say the vacancy of electrons is hole.hole are always remain just electrons move through it.means vacancy change in continuous look like hole are moving.
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Description : Conduction band electrons have more mobility than holes because they (1) are lighter (2) experience collision less frequently (3) have negative charge (4) need less energy to move them

Answer :  experience collision less frequently

Description : Addition of trivalent impurity to a semiconductor creates many (A) holes. (B) free electrons. (C) valance electrons. (D) bound electrons.

Answer : (B) free electrons.

Description : In p-type semiconductor the majority carriers are (A) holes. (B) electrons. (C) positive ions. (D) negative ions.

Answer : (A) holes.

Description : A P-type semiconductor is doped to produce one of the following. Will it produce: w) both holes and electrons x) positive electrons y) negative electrons z) holes

Answer : ANSWER: Z -- HOLES

Description : In heating frozen foods in sealed pouches in a microwaves, why do you first poke holes in the pouch? (1) To prevent the steam pressure from bursting open the pouch (2) To allow the heat to get into ... into the food through the holes (4) To allow the aroma of the food to come out through the holes

Answer : To prevent the steam pressure from bursting open the pouch