What is the quiescent point?

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It is the working point of transistor on dc load line

This point give information about region in which transistor is work

In saturation region

In cut off region

In active region

And it can.also give the wave form amplified wave
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Quiescent point (Q point)

a point on the DC load line of a given amplifier that represents the quiescent (no signal) value of output voltage and current for the circuit.

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Answer : Q pointit is nothing but operating point of transistor which can gives the information about the transistor working in active cutoff or saturation region to the Faithful amplification we have to ... of proper collector emitter voltage during the passage of signal is known as transistor biasing

Answer : The operating point of devices is known as Q point (quiescent point) Q point are the values of voltages and currents of a circuit when no signal is present.

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