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What is the need for biasing?

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1 Answer

Answer :

To get proper collector current

Proper base emmiter voltage

Proper emmiter collector voltage

In short to maintain operating point such as faithful amplification is produced
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Last Answer : Need of Biasing for Transistor: The transistor should be biased in the active region if it is to be used for amplification and in saturation and cut off if it is used as a switch. 2. The Q ... The position of operating point on the load line is dependent on the application of the transistor.

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Last Answer : i) Q point: It is the point on the load line which represents the dc current through a transistor (ICQ) and the voltage across it (VCEQ), when no ac signal is applied.  ii) DC load line: The ... region is as desired.  iv) Current Gain: It is a ratio of output current to input current.

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Last Answer : Need of biasing: The basic need of transistor biasing is to keep the base-emitter (B-E) junction properly forward biased and the collector-emitter (C-E) junction properly reverse biased ... transistor biasing is necessary for normal and proper operation of transistor to be used for amplification. 

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