What are the applications of thermocouple?
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Answer :

Heating appliances, Thermoelectric cooling, gas appliance safety, etc. these are some applications of thermocouple.

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Answer :

Used  as  a  rectifier  instrument.
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Description : List applications of thermocouple and thermistors.

Answer : Applications of Thermistors: 1. Widely used in the applications of the range from - 60oC to + 15oC. 2. Used as a sensor in liquid level, pressure, flow measurement systems. 3. Used for measurement ... 2. It is used for temperature measurement in cryogenic range. 3. It is used for flow measurement.

Description : State seeback effect. Describe the working of thermocouple.

Answer : Seebeck effect: Seebeck effect states that whenever two dissimilar metals are connected together to form two junctions out of which, one junction is subjected to high temperature and another is subjected to ... both the junctions a very low emf is produced which causes a current in the circuit. 

Description : State working principle of thermocouple.

Answer : Working principle of thermocouple. When heat is applied to junction (hot junction) of the two dissimilar metals, an emf is generated which can be measured at the other junction (cold junction). The two ... as a result of the generated emf. This current will continue to flow as long as T1>T2.

Description :  The use of thermocouple meters for AC measurement leads to a meterscale which is _____.

Answer :  The use of thermocouple meters for AC measurement leads to a meterscale which is square law.

Description : Principle of Thermocouple is based on :  (A) Thomson effect (C) Seebeck effect (B) Peltier effect (D) Kelvin effect

Answer :  The  principle is  based on Seebeck   effect.