What is the difference between Fleming's right and left hand rule?

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Answer :

 Fleming's right hand rule is use for generators and  Fleming's left hand rule is use for motors. In both rules thumb represent motion of conductor, fore finger represent magnetic field and middle finger represents current.

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Answer : Fleming's left hand rule is used to find direction of force on a current carrying conductor in a magnetic field

Description : What is the purpose of Fleming's left hand rule?

Description : What does Fleming's left hand rule state?

Answer :  Fleming's Right Hand Rule: Stretch out the first three fingers of your right hand such that they are mutually perpendicular to each other, align first finger in direction of magnetic field, thumb ... of conductor with respect to field then the middle finger will give the direction of induced EMF.

Description : What is Fleming's left hand rule used for?

Answer : Fleming's left hand rule used for electrical motors.

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