What is the formula for Watts Law?

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This is the formula for power Watts = Volts2 / Ohms..

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Description : Ohm's law formula

Answer : Ohm's law formula

Description : What is the formula for resistivity?

Answer : Resitivity is the property of a material. It is given in ρ . R=ρ L/A is the formula. where , Resitance is directly proportional to Length & Inversely proportional to Area of ... the resistance offered by a conductor to the flow of current is called specific resistance or resistivity.

Description : What is formula for power?

Answer : The capacity to do work is termed as Energy. The Energy expended to do work in unit time istermed as Power. It is represented as P

Description : How many calories does an electric heater of 100 watts generates per second?

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