what is clipper?
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Answer :

  • Clipper circuit limits the voltage level.
  • Clipper circuit simply consists of diode or transistor and resistor.
  • Clipper circuit is also known as limiter or slicer.
  • From the position of diode clipper is classified as series clipper and shunt clipper.
  • Series clipper have diode connected in series with load resistance.
  • Shunt clipper have diode connected in shunt with load resistance.

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Description : Compare clipper and clamper

Answer : Sr. No Parameter Clipper Clamper 1 Components used Diode, Resistors  Diode, Capacitors, Resistors 2 Function To remove a part of input waveform To add a DC ... Application Diode clamp, wave shaping circuits  Voltage Multipliers  5 Configuration

Description : Draw the clipper circuit using series and shunt diode.

Answer : Fig: A series negative clipper (OR) Fig: Series positive clipper Fig: Parallel positive clipper (OR) Fig: Parallel negative clipper

Description : Write two applications of clipper and two of clamper.

Answer : Application of Clipper:  In the case of generating new waveforms and/or shaping the existing older waveforms. Clippers can be used as freewheeling diodes in protecting the transistors from transient ... called as direct current restorers as they clamp the wave forms to a fixed DC potential.

Description : With help of circuit diagram and waveform, explain working of positive series clipper.

Answer : Series Clipper (Positive):-   Working: For positive cycle the diode D is reverse biased. Hence there is no voltage across the load RL While for negative half wave, the diode D is forward biased. Hence ... positive cycle of the input voltage gets clipped off. Input & o/p wave form:-   

Description : Draw and explain the working of combinational Clipper with waveforms.

Answer : Explanation:- As shown in figure the combinational clipper is the combination of positive biased and negative biased clipper. The combinational clipper can be used to clip both two independent ... open circuit. Hence the value of output voltage cannot exceed the voltage level of VB2.