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What is the use of lightning arrester?

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1 Answer

Answer :

The lighting arrester is used to discharge the high voltage surge towards the earth by the lighting strike

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Description : what is lightning arrester?

Last Answer : Light arrester is a protecting device which is used at substation for protecting the devices in the substation from lighting phenomenon.      

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Description : A thyrite type lightening arrester :

Last Answer : A thyrite type lightning arrester : offers low resistance path to surge currents

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Description : A lightening arrester connected between the line and earth in a power system  (1) protects the terminal equipment against travelling surges (2) protects the transmission line against direct ... suppresses high frequency oscillations in the line (4) reflects back the travelling wave approaching it

Last Answer : A lightening arrester connected between the line and earth in a power system protects the terminal equipment against travelling surges

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Description : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges _______ is used.  (1) lightning arrester (2) capacitor (3) combination of lightning arrester and capacitor (4) lightning conductor and arrester

Last Answer : For protection of rotating machines against lightning surges combination of lightning arrester and capacitor is used. 

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Last Answer : Horn Gap Type Lightning Arrester: It consists of two horn shaped metal rods A and B separated by a small air gap. The horns are so connected that distance between them gradually increases towards the ... being hot, moves up naturally along the horns. So it is elongated and naturally quenched.

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