What is a three phase connection?

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Answer :

RYB, 440 volt/phase

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Description : Explain MCB and ELCB with connection diagram supplying single phase load. 

Answer : OR OR Explanation: * MCB provides short circuit protection. * MCB provides overload protection * ELCB provides earth fault protection. * MCB is in series with ... occurs, the ELCB cuts off the power within the time of 0.1 sec. automatically to protect the personnel. 

Description : Write the relation between phase and line current, phase and line voltage for Star connection.

Answer : Line voltage is equal to root three times of phase voltage and line and phase currents are equal in star connection

Description : What is the operation of three phase induction motor


Answer : 101. Insertion of resistance in the stator of an induction motor (a) increases the load torque (b) decreases the starting torque (c) increases the starting torque (d) none of the above Ans: b

Description : List different starting methods of three phase synchronous motor. Explain any one of them.

Answer : Different Starting Methods of Three Phase Synchronous Motor: As synchronous motor is not self starting, different methods of starting are as follows: 1) By using an Induction (Pony) motor 2) ... . The rotor gets pulled into synchronism and starts running at constant speed as a synchronous motor. 

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