what is semiconductor ?
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Answer :

For simple understanding is that the semiconductor is a  partially conductor and partially insulator which depends on the temperature of conductor.
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Description : What are the number of valence electrons of atoms in semiconductor?

Answer : There are four valence electrons in the atom of a semiconductor.

Description : (i) Explain the process of diffusion in semiconductor material. (ii) Explain Hall effect.

Answer : (i) Diffusion: In a semi conductor bar a concentration gradient exist when either number of electrons or holes is greater in one region of a semi conductor as compared to other region. When ... to determine whether a semiconductor is N type or P type, and to find carrier concentration

Description : State any four materials used in fabrication of semiconductor device and describe its need.

Answer : For fabrication of semiconductor devices like transistors diode, solar cell etc. we have to make use of following types of materials  1. Substrate: o It is used for deposition of thin ... . o Metal cans and sealed glass containers satisfy the extreme requirements of space and military users.

Description : State the impurities for obtaining p-type and n-type semiconductor from intrinsic semi conductor. 

Answer : Crystals of Silicon and Germanium are doped using two types of dopants:  1. The impurities for obtaining n-type semiconductor from intrinsic semiconductor are pentavalent impurity; like Arsenic (As), Antimony ... semiconductor are trivalent impurity; like Indium (In), Boron (B), Aluminum (Al), etc.

Description : Which is a semiconductor: copper, silicon, or neon?

Answer : Copper is a metal. Silicon is a semiconductor. Neon is inert gas.