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what is semiconductor ?

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Answer :

For simple understanding is that the semiconductor is a  partially conductor and partially insulator which depends on the temperature of conductor.
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Description : (i) Explain the process of diffusion in semiconductor material. (ii) Explain Hall effect.

Last Answer : (i) Diffusion: In a semi conductor bar a concentration gradient exist when either number of electrons or holes is greater in one region of a semi conductor as compared to other region. When ... to determine whether a semiconductor is N type or P type, and to find carrier concentration

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Description : State any four materials used in fabrication of semiconductor device and describe its need.

Last Answer : For fabrication of semiconductor devices like transistors diode, solar cell etc. we have to make use of following types of materials  1. Substrate: o It is used for deposition of thin ... . o Metal cans and sealed glass containers satisfy the extreme requirements of space and military users.

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Description : State the impurities for obtaining p-type and n-type semiconductor from intrinsic semi conductor. 

Last Answer : Crystals of Silicon and Germanium are doped using two types of dopants:  1. The impurities for obtaining n-type semiconductor from intrinsic semiconductor are pentavalent impurity; like Arsenic (As), Antimony ... semiconductor are trivalent impurity; like Indium (In), Boron (B), Aluminum (Al), etc.

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Description : Which is a semiconductor: copper, silicon, or neon?

Last Answer : Copper is a metal. Silicon is a semiconductor. Neon is inert gas.

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Description : Compare intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor

Last Answer : Intrinsic semiconductor Extrinsic Semiconductor Pure form of semiconductor Impure form of semiconductor No. electrons and holes are equal  No. of electrons and holes are not equal Electrical ... e.g. Ge, Si semiconductor e.g. p-type or n-type semiconductor

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