what are the examples of poor conductor ?

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carbon and salt water are the examples of poor conductors.

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Answer : Copper Silver Platinum Aluminium

Description : Outside of cooking utensils are generally left black from below because (1) it is difficult to clean daily. (2) black surface is a good conductor of heat. (3) black surface is a poor conductor of heat. (4) black surface is a good absorber of heat.

Answer : black surface is a good absorber of heat.

Description : Mud houses are cooler in summers and warmer in winters as compared to brick houses because (1) mud is a good conductor (2) mud is a bad conductor (3) mud is a poor insulator (4) evaporation of water causes cooling in summers and sunlight coming through holes causes warming in winters

Answer : mud is a bad conductor

Description : Ice is packed in saw dust because (1) saw dust will not get melted easily. (2) saw dust is poor conductor of heat. (3) saw dust is a good conductor of heat. (4) saw dust does not stick to the ice.

Answer : saw dust is poor conductor of heat.

Description : Woollen cloth protects the body from cold because (1) it is a good conductor of heat (2) it is a poor conductor of heat (3) external heat rays enter into the body through the woollen cloth (4) it reflects heat

Answer :  it is a poor conductor of heat

Answer : Wood, plastic, rubber, glass, and air etc are the examples of good insulators.

Description : Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart. For most people, if they were asked to draw a picture of what the lungs look like they would draw both looking roughly the ... left making it take up more room on that side of the body and crowding out that poor left lung.

Description : If you will be the senior member of poor student's committee, what will be your criteria to disburse the financial aid to the students? Options: A) Financial support must go to your favourable students ... to the students giving every service to the teacher D) You are neutral and feel it a burden

Answer : B) Financial support must go to the desirable students 

Description : What is need of level measurement? Give classification of level measurement methods with two examples of each.

Answer : In almost all industries, vast quantities of liquid such as water solvents, chemicals etc. are used in number of processes. It is widely employed to monitor as well as measure quantitatively the ... a) Capacitance level indicator b) Radiation level detector c) Ultrasonic level gauge 3. Radar type

Description : What is renewable source of energy? State two examples for the same.

Answer : Renewable (Primary) Energy sources: It is defined as the sources that can be used again and again for the generation of electrical energy are called renewable.  Following are the some list ... ) and carbon dioxide  6. Geothermal Energy  Geothermal Electricity Production  7. Fuel Cells

Description : What is diagonal communication? Explain with two examples. 

Answer : Ans: A person working at higher level of authority in his organization may be required to correspond with a person working at lower level or vice versa; this is called as diagonal ... International. 2) In a seminar, Production Manager communicates with the workers, supervisors and General Manager

Description : What are the three types of styles? Give examples. 

Answer : Ans: The three types of styles are 1. Terminal – Ex: Datura, 2. Lateral – Ex: Mangifera, 3. Gynobasic – Ex: Ocimum 

Description : What are fasciculated roots? Give two examples.

Answer : Ans: Tuft of storage adventitious roots are called as fasciculated roots. Ex: Asparagus, Dahlia 

Description : What are assimilatory roots? Give two examples. 

Answer : Ans: Modified green adventitious roots that help in assimilation of carbon dioxide are called as assimilatory roots. Examples are Taeniophyllum, Tinospora. 

Description : Many elements are Greek or Latin names for a particular color, examples are Chlorine from chloros (greenish-yellow) and Cesium from caesius (sky blue). What is the element that was named from the Greek word meaning color?


Description : What are Schmidt, Cassegrainian, and Galilean examples of?


Description : What are selectable markers? Give two examples. 

Description : If Students Are Not Able To follow Your Lectures What Will You Do First? Options: A) You Will Make Your Lecture More Easy. B) You Will Try To Know The Cause And Find The Right Solution For That. C) You Will Start Giving Examples To Them. D) None Of These

Answer : B) You Will Try To Know The Cause And Find The Right Solution For That. 

Description : What are examples of telecommunication devices?

Description : What are some examples of a closed loop system?

Answer : C.L s/m. EX. Air conditioner (AC), rocket launcher, radar system, voltage stabilizer etc.

Description : Poor power factor?

Answer : Poor power factor reduces load handling capability of electrical system, results in more power losses in the electrical system, overloads alternators, transformers and distribution lines, results in more voltage drop in the line.

Description : 443 million school days are lost each year as a result of water-related illnesses. And at any given time, about half of all people in developing countries are suffering from health effects ... productivity (work, school, etc.) is lost because of people becoming ill from water-related illnesses.

Description : A Backward Child Is A Slow Learner. He Does Not Respond Satisfactorily To The Ordinary School Curriculum And To The Usual Methods. The Causes Of This Phenomena Are Options: A) Poor Intellectual Ability And Low Intelligence B) Physical Defects And Diseases C) Emotional Disturbance D) All Of The Above

Answer : D) All Of The Above 

Description : If the proposition ‘All thieves are poor’ is false, which of the following propositions can be claimed certainly to be true? Propositions: (A) Some thieves are poor. (B) Some thieves are not poor. (C) No thief is poor. (D) No poor person is a thief

Answer : (B) Some thieves are not poor.

Description : Alluvial soils are rich soil for crop cultivation but are poor in (1) humus (2) nitrogen and humus (3) organic material (4) inorganic material

Answer : nitrogen and humus

Description : Alluvial soils are usually (i) Rich in nitrogen (ii) Poor in humus (iii) Highly fertile (iv) Easy to plough (1) (i), (ii) and (iv) (2) (ii), (iii) and (iv) (3) (i), (iii) and (iv) (4) (i), (ii) and (iii)

Answer :  (i), (ii) and (iii)

Description : The main disadvantages of having poor power factors are:  (A) High cost of station and distribution equipment (B) Poor voltage regulation (C) High energy loss in conductor (D) All of the above

Answer : The main disadvantages of having poor power factors are:  (A) High cost of station and distribution equipment (B) Poor voltage regulation (C) High energy loss in conductor (D) All of the above

Description : If a poor student is unable to deposit his monthly fees in time, what will you do in this condition? Options: A) Strike off his name and deprive from classes B) You deposit his fees and given ... classes C) Making a mockery of the poor fellow D) No sympathy with the student on economic matters

Answer : B) You deposit his fees and given him opportunity to join the classes 

Description : A child is a back -bencher and is unable to watch the black-board clearly, therefore he stands, see and sit repeatedly. It disturbs the nearby classmates, what inference will you draw with reference to the ... defective eyes C) The black-board may has shining effect of light D) None of the above

Answer : A) The child has poor eye-sight 

Description : Suppose your friend has just left the home on scooter along with his son, immediately you hear the news that they met a road accident. What will you do in this case? Options: A) You will mock ... D) You will visit them next day and give an impression that you knew it just now from neighbourhood

Answer : B) You will rush immediately and extend all possible help keeping in mind that this is not the time of personal enmity

Description : What is difference between Conductor and insulator ?

Answer : Conductor is a material that offers no resistance to the flow of current, while an insulator is a material that offers total resistance to the flows of current, It doesn't allowed any flows of current.

Description : What is the difference between a cable and a conductor?

Description : In a metal conductor, what is a free electron?

Answer :  When many atoms are close together in a copper wire, the outermost orbital electron of each copper atom can easily break free from its home or parent atom. These electrons then can migrate easily ... random. Such electrons that can move freely from one atom to the next are called free electrons.

Description : If a positively charged body is placed inside a spherical hollow conductor, what will be the polarity of charge inside and outside the hollow conductor ? (a) Inside positive, outside negative (b) Inside negative, outside positive (c) Both negative (d) Both positive

Answer : The polarity of the charge will positive

Description : A conductor of diameter d, length 1 consumes a power of W when a current I flows through it. What will be the power consumed if d is doubled, 1 is halved and current is tripled ?

Answer : A conductor of diameter d, length 1 consumes a power of W when a current I flows through it. What will be the power consumed if d is doubled, 1 is halved and current is tripled ?  72 W

Description : A conductor is composed of seven identical copper strands, each having a radius 'R'. Then what is self GMD (Geometric Mean Distance) of the conductor?  (A) 2.645 R (B) 2.177 R (C) 2.141 R (D) 1.21 R 

Answer : Self GMD of the seven strand conductor is 49th root of the distances. ThusDs = [(r')7 × (D²12 × D²26 × D14 × D17)6 × (2)6]1/49= [(0.7788 r)7 × (2²r² × 3 × 2²r² × 2²r × 2r)6]1/49 = 2r[3(0.7788)]1/7 = 2.177 r 61/49

Description : what is the temperature coefficient of Resistance of conductor ?

Answer : conductors have positive coefficient. means as the temperature increases resistance also increases.

Description : what is conductor ?

Answer : Conductor is the object that helps to pass the current

Description : 1. Which is considered a hot-spot of biodiversity in India? 2. What does the special status of Jammu and Kashmir imply? 3. Why are Metals good conductor of heat than insulator? 4. Where ... the earth's crust? 20. The Mansabdari system introduced by Akbar from which system was it borrowed from?

Answer : Answer : 1 1. Western Ghats 2. A separate Constitution 3. They contain free electrons 4. Off the coast at Rameshwaram 5. Bhoja Paramara 6. Wilson Jones 7. R.N. Tagore 8. Niche 9. Shrimp 10. ... km 15. Firoz Tughlaq 16. Dr. Zakir Hussain 17. Vitamin C 18. Government grants 19. Oxygen 20. Mongolia

Description : Explain the scope of Mechatronics in Industry. Give any four examples. 

Answer : There is no limit for scope of Mechatronics in industry. Due to mechatronics speed, quality, flexibility, sophistication and quantity of product has improved drastically. Marketing of product has also become simple. ... .  Examples :- MRI., CT-SCAN, Endoscopy Robotics Unmanned Air vehicle. 

Description : List at least two examples that show how static electricity can be generated.

Answer : Examples of how static electricity can be generated include combing your hair, walking across a carpeted room, or sliding two pieces of plastic across each other.

Description : Energy stored in capacitor examples

Answer : Energy stored in capacitor examples

Description : State two examples of active transducer.

Answer : Examples of active transducer: 1. Thermocouple 2. photovoltaic cells (solar cells) 3. Piezoelectric crystals. 4. Thermoelectric 5. Magnetostrictive 6. Electrokinetic

Description : State two examples of passive transducer.

Answer : Examples of passive transducer: 1. LDR 2. Thermistor 3. Strain Gauge 4. Resistive transducers. 5. Inductive transducers. 6. Photoconductive 7. Capacitive transducers. 8. Magnetoresistive 9. Thermoresistive 10. Electroresistive 11. RTD

Description : Define transducer. Give two examples.

Answer : Transducer - It converts one form of signal into another form. A transducer is a device that is used to convert a physical quantity into its corresponding electrical signal.  Classification - 1. Active transducer 2. Passive transducer 

Description : Give examples of different types of fuels. Also state any two advantages of liquid fuels over solid fuels.

Answer : Examples of different types of fuels:- 1. Indian Coal : It contain 30 to 40 % ash but sulphur content is less than 1%.. 2. Imported coal: It contents low ash about 10% but sulphur ... can be controlled to match the load requirements. 13. Rapid and efficient starting of the boilers from cold.

Description : Give two examples of trivalent and pentavalent impurities.

Answer : Trivalent Impurities:  1) Gallium (Ga) 2) Indium (In) 3) Aluminium (Al) 4) Boron (B)  Pentavalent Impurities:  1) Phosphorus (P) 2) Antimony (Sb) 3) Arsenic (As) 4) Bismuth (Bi)

Description : List four examples of insulating material and explain any two.

Answer : Examples of insulating materials:  i) Solid: Ceramic, Porcelain, Mica, Glass, Rubber, Resinous, Fibers  ii) Liquid: Synthetic, Mineral etc.  iii) Gaseous: Hydrogen, Air, ... and low hygroscopicity.  Uses: Insulation in electric field, transformer stampings, armature, pole stampings

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