What is the definition of wind energy?

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Answer :

Motion of atmosphere of earth is called wind and its kinetic energy is called wind energy
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Description : What are the Pros and Cons of Wind Energy?

Answer : Wind is nothing but air in motion. When the energy of this air motion is used to generate power, it is known as wind energy. It is a kind of kinetic energy that can be converted ... a cheap source of electricity. However, the installation cost and the area required to install could be expensive.

Description : Draw the block diagram of basic wind energy conversion system and write function of each block. 

Answer : Block diagram of basic wind energy conversion system: OR Components of wind power plant and their functions:  1) Rotor /Blade/Aero-turbine: Blade extracts significant power from the ... stronger and smoother. Towers are supports to raise the main part of the turbine up in the air.

Description : State any four advantages of wind energy.

Answer : Advantages of wind energy system: 1. Wind input (energy) is freely available 2. Wind energy is inexhaustible 3. There is no air pollution 4. No fuel transportation cost. 5. No space is required to store ... cost per unit is less and is goes on decreasing day by day. 15. Maintenance cost is less.

Description : State any two limitations of wind energy.

Answer : Limitations of wind energy: 1) Wind turbine produces noise. 2) Its efficiency is less (20% to 30%) 3) There is limitation on site selection. 4) Transportation cost of wind tower and accessories is high ... No firm power. 7) Power generation is not in phase with the demand. 8) Generation is costly.

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