Which countries are using wave energy?

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The following countries are using wave energy :

  • Greece
  • Portugal
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Spain
  • Israel
  • Sweden

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Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy?

Answer : AdvantagesFree from pollutionAvailable for every timeThe water can reuse as drinking purposeDisadvantageMore costLarge maintenanceDifficult to constructAquatic life get affected

Description : What are the disadvantages of using solar energy?

Answer : High installation costEnergy density is depend on weatherSo it is low Not suitable in all areasMaintenance cost high

Description : What are the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy?

Answer : Free of costRenewable energyInextable solar energyLow energy densityHigh capital costMaintenance cost highDepends on weatherNeed to direction tracking

Description : What are the different sources of renewable energy?

Answer : Solar Wind Tidal Geothermal

Description : What is the definition of wind energy?

Answer : Motion of atmosphere of earth is called wind and its kinetic energy is called wind energy

Description : What is the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy sources?

Answer : Renewable energy sources are non-perishable, and Non-renewable energy sources are perishable sources. Non-Renewable energy sources are like  coal, oil,nuclear fuel etc. Renewable energy sources are :- wind, solar, tidal, Geo thermal etc.

Description : What are some disadvantages of hydroelectric power plant?

Answer : The disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant are as follows :The hydroelectric power plant can be developed only where the large quantity of water is available. The hydroelectric ... civil engineering costs may be high.These are some disadvantages of the hydroelectric power plant.

Description : Draw single phase full wave mid-point converter for inductive load. Draw input and output waveforms for it. 

Answer : Circuit Diagram: Waveforms:

Description : operation of half wave rectifier type AC Voltmeter.

Answer :  Half-wave Rectifier Voltmeter The d'Arsonval meter movement only responds to the average or dc value of the current through the moving coil. In order to measure alternating ... ) input voltage signal alternating signal needs to be rectified first by using diode rectifier to produce 

Description : State the concept of continuous wave RADAR. Sketch its block diagram. State its any two applications.

Answer : Concept- Transmission is continuous here, the circulator is used to provide isolation between the transmitter and the receiver. Since transmission is continuous, it would be pointless to use a ... It is used to measurement of relative velocity to distinguish moving target from stationary objects 

Description : State advantages and disadvantages of continuous wave Radar

Answer : Advantages continuous wave RADAR : 1.Single frequency transmission and hence narrow receiver bandwidth 2.Duty cycle is unity, so mean power can be as high as transmitters will permits. 3.Ability ... required for receiver and transmitter. 3.Cannot detect targets crossing its beam at right angles.

Description : Justify electromagnetic wave is said to be transverse wave. 

Answer : Transverse electromagnetic wave:- The electromagnetic waves are oscillations which propagate through free space. In electromagnetic waves the direction of electric field, magnetic field & propagation are ... electric field vector with respect to the surface (i.e. looking at the horizon) 

Description : Define : i) Average value ii) RMS value of an AC Wave.

Answer : i) Average value: The average value is defined as the average of all instantaneous values during one alternation . That is, the ratio of the sum of all considered instantaneous values to the ... as produced by the alternating current when flowing through the same resistance for the same time.

Description : Give the operation of single phase full wave bridge controlled converter with RL load with a neat diagram. Also draw its waveform.

Answer : Single phase fully control bridge converter with RL load: 1. During positive half cycle of input voltage, T1 and T2 are forward biased and during negative half cycle, T3 and T4 are forward biased. Therefore, T1-T2 ... cycle till the firing of next pair of SCRs as shown in the waveform.

Description : Draw a neat diagram of 1Ф half wave controlled converter with RL load. Give its operation.

Answer : Single phase fully controlled half wave converter:  The circuit diagram of single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier with RL load and without freewheeling diode is shown in Fig. (a). The SCR T is ... , when again pulse is applied, the SCR is turned on & the above cycle is repeated. 

Description : Instantaneous value of a sine wave voltage

Answer : Instantaneous value of a sine wave voltage

Description : Draw a labeled block diagram of sine wave generator and state function of each block. 

Answer : Function Generator:  This instrument can deliver sine, triangular & square waves with frequency range of 0.01 Hz to 100 kHz.  The frequency control network is governed by a frequency ... voltage reaches a predetermined level on the negative slope of the integrator's output voltage.

Description : Explain full wave bridged rectifier with the help of circuit diagram and input output waveform.

Answer : 1. In positive half cycle (0 to Π): The end A of the secondary winding becomes positive and end B negative. This makes diode D1 and D4 forward biased while diode D2 and D3 are reverse biased. These two diodes will ... D2 and D3 when it is conducting is as follows.  B - D2 - RL - D3 - A 

Description : The coefficient of reflection for current wave is

Answer : The coefficient of reflection for current wave is 1 or -1

Description : The velocity of travelling wave through a cable of relative permittivity 36 is

Answer : The velocity of travelling wave through a cable of relative permittivity 36 is 0.5 x 108 m/sec

Description : The fractional-pitch used for eliminating 7th harmonic from the emf wave of an alternator is (A) 2/3 (B) 5/6 (C) 7/8 (D) 6/7

Answer : The fractional-pitch used for eliminating 7th harmonic from the emf wave of an alternator is 6/7

Description : The equation of 50 Hz current sine wave having r.m.s. value of 60 A is?

Answer : (60*√2)Sin(2π*50*t)

Description :

Form factor for a sine wave is?

Answer : 1.11

Description :

For a sine wave with peak value Imax the r.m.s. value is?

Answer : For a sine wave with peak value Imax the r.m.s. value is 0.707.

Description :

Answer : The peak value of a sine wave is 200 V. Its average value is 127.4 V.

Description :

Answer : The period of a wave is time required to complete one cycle.

Description :

Answer :  A sine wave has a frequency of 50 Hz. Its angular frequency is 100 n radian/second.

Description :

Answer : Wave winding is composed of that even number which is exact multiple of poles + 2.

Description :

Answer : A sinusoidal voltage of 5 Hz is applied to the field of a shunt generator. The armature voltage wave will be of 5 Hz.

Description :

Answer : Wave trap is used to trap waves of higher frequencies entering generator or transformer units.

Description :

Answer : When a transmission line is energized, the wave that propagates on it is current wave and voltage wave.

Description : What is the speed of an electromagnetic wave in water?

Description : How fast is an electromagnetic wave?

Description : Explain three phase half wave controller or three phase unidirectional controller.

Answer : Three phase half wave controller or unidirectional controller:

Description : Explain three phase full wave controller.

Answer : Three phase full wave controller: Three phase full wave controller is also called as the three-phase bidirectional controller. Let the load is star connected so at each phase there are antiparallel connected SCRs. ... conduct at the same time and the third phase will be open.

Description : what is mean by sine wave?

Answer : Hi, Sine wave means it is the wave form of sinusoidal wave generally of voltage or current. It takes the path of positive & negative half cycles. 1 set of positive and negative half cycles is called 1 cycle. frequency is no. of cycles per second (HZ). Thanks K.Srikanth

Description :

Explain energy conservation method in lighting system by using installation of separate transformer / servo stabilizer.

Answer : Energy conservation techniques by installation of separate transformer / servo stabilizer: The luminous efficiency of lamps depends upon the voltage applied across the terminals. It gives its best ... the voltage constant in that installation for giving best luminous efficiency of lamps.

Description :

Describe the following energy conservation methods of lighting system. i) By replacing lamp sources ii) Using light control gears.

Answer : Energy conservation methods of lighting system:  i) By replacing lamp sources:  Installation of energy efficient fluorescent lamps in place of Conventional fluorescent lamps. Installation of ... (HF) electronic ballasts in place of conventional ballasts which saves energy up to 35%.

Description : Reflector mirrors employed for exploiting solar energy are called the  (1) Mantle (2) Heliostats (3) Diffusers (4) Ponds

Answer : Reflector mirrors employed for exploiting solar energy are called the Heliostats

Description : Which of the following device is used for coupling microwave energy?  A) Resonator B) Waveguide C) Loop D) Antenna

Answer : Which of the following device is used for coupling microwave energy?  A) Resonator B) Waveguide C) Loop D) Antenna 

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Which energy is stored in capacitor?

Description : How to Choose an Energy Saving Light Bulb?

Answer : Popular in Russia Ilyich's bulbs are becoming a thing of the past, giving way to more modern lamps, which, as the name suggests, are designed to help conserve energy. What are their advantages ... light bulb for certain conditions, which will last a long time and will be efficient enough to use.

Description : How to wake up full of energy?

Answer : How to wake up full of energy? How hard a winter morning is sometimes! Due to the lack of vitamins, oxygen, sunlight, and constant lack of sleep, we feel overwhelmed. Therefore, it is ... become a habit. And what could be better than the habit of having excellent health and beautiful appearance?

Description : Explain the procedure of detailed energy audit.

Answer : Detailed Energy Audit Detailed audit provides a detailed project implementation plan for a facility, since it evaluate all major energy using systems. This type of audit offers the ... Management aspects of design and operating data collection, field measurements, data analysis, and training

Description : Outline any four duties and responsibilities of energy manager.

Answer : Responsibilities and Duties of Energy Manager Responsibilities Prepare an annual activity plan and present to management concerning financially attractive investments to reduce energy costs Establish an ... and manner as may be provided in the regulations of the Energy Conservation Act.

Description : Illustrate the benefits of hydrogen energy as a future energy.

Answer : Benefits of Hydrogen Energy The use of hydrogen greatly reduces pollution. When hydrogen is combined with oxygen in a fuel cell, energy in the form of electricity is produced. This electricity can ... sources of fuel. This ideally means that you need less hydrogen to complete an enormous task.

Description : State various types of energy losses with their control measures in any utility.

Answer : Energy loss and control in any utility Energy saving opportunities in cooling tower (These measures will save electrical energy used in fan or pumps) 1. Follow manufacturer's recommended ... Preheating combustion air 10. Switching from steam to air atomization Switching to lower cost fuel

Description : Explain energy conservation and its importance.

Answer : Energy conservation Energy Conservation is the deliberate practice or an attempt to save electricity, fuel oil or gas or any other combustible material, to be able to put to additional use for ... are produced. e) Generally to relieve shortage and improve development. f) Advantage in PAT scheme.

Description : Classify energy sources with two examples each.

Answer : Types of energy Source  Primary energy source is an energy form found in nature that has not been subjected to any conversion or transformation process. The primary energy sources are derived from: the sun, ... energy sources: These sources can renew again and again. e.g Solar, Wind, Biomass, Hydro

Description : State two objectives of energy audit.

Answer : Objective of energy audit  To determine ways to reduce energy consumption per unit of product output or to lower operating costs. Energy Audit provides a bench-mark" (Reference ... effective use of energy throughout the organization. Provide detailed documentation for monitoring of energy use

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