What are the advantages and disadvantages of wave energy?

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Advantages of wave energy are :

  • Wave energy is free it comes from waves of oceans.
  • Wave energy is renewable.
  • Wave energy does not generate pollution,
  • The waves generated in the ocean is almost continuous so no need for power storage.
  • For a generation of wave energy no need for land.
These are some advantages of wave energy.

Disadvantages of wave energy are :
  • The distance between generation and load center is more.
  • Machines may cause harm to fishes.
  • Stong waves may destroy the device.
  • Initial cost for installing machines may be costlier.
These are some disadvantages of wave energy.

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  1. Free from pollution
  2. Available for every time
  3. The water can reuse as drinking purpose

  1. More cost
  2. Large maintenance
  3. Difficult to construct
  4. Aquatic life get affected

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