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2 pistol were shoot from the same place at an interval of 15 mins and 15 secs but a boy in the train approaching the place hears the second shot 15 mins after the first. The speed of the train(in km/hr),supposing that speed travels at 320 metres per second is. a) 15.166 b) 17.144 c) 18.563 d) 19.188
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1 Answer


Let the speed of the train be x m/sec

Then distance travelled by the train in 15mins = distance travelled by sound in 15secs

X*15*60 = 320*15

900x = 4800



Speed of the train 5.33 m/s

Convert m/s into km/hr

5.33m =(5.33*18/5)


=19.188 km/hr
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