what is the frequency of DC ?

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Frequency of DC is zero.
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Description : separately excited dc motor controlled by chopper with a frequency of 500hz and source voltage of 230v and rated value of motor is 220v 24A 100 rpm find its duty ratio at 1.2 times rated torgue and 500rpm

Description :  When The dc converter in figure shown has a resistance load of R = 10 Ω and the input voltage is Vs 220 V the converter switch remains on, its voltage drop is Vo -2 V. The chopping ... ) the RMS output voltage Vo (c) the converter efficiency (d) the effective input resistance of the converter

Description : In an isolated output dc-to-dc fly back converter, the high frequency transformer used works as an inductor (a) during turn -on period of the switching device (b) during turn off period of the switching device (c) during both (d) none of these

Description : Draw the frequency response of DC amplifier. Comment on it.

Answer : frequency response: Comment : The gain remains constant at its midband value AM down to zero frequency (DC). Directcoupled amplifiers do not suffer gain reduction at low frequencies as compared ... , gain falls off at the high frequency end due to the internal capacitances of the transistor.

Description : Give any four advantages of voice frequency signaling over DC signaling system. 

Answer : Advantages of Voice Frequency Signaling Over DC Signaling System: 1. Large number of circuits can be easily derived over a single pair of wires (single pair can control 18 stations). 2. Signal ... used over long distances. 5. Can be used where large number of equipment can be controlled. 

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