what is separately excited motor ?
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Answer :

the field winding have different source power supply and armature have different power supply source
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Description : Separately Excited DC motor

Answer : Separately Excited DC motor

Description : separately excited dc motor controlled by chopper with a frequency of 500hz and source voltage of 230v and rated value of motor is 220v 24A 100 rpm find its duty ratio at 1.2 times rated torgue and 500rpm

Description : A separately excited d.c. motor fed from single phase full converter with firing angle 60° runs at 1000 r.p.m. If motor is connected to single phase semiconverter with the same firing angle of 60°, it would run at (a) 2000 rpm (b) 1850 rpm (c) 1500 rpm (d) 1000 rpm 

Answer : Ans =1500

Description : A single-phase half-controlled rectifier is driving a separately excited dc motor. The dc motor has a back emf constant of 0.5 V/rpm. The armature current is 5 A without any ripple. The armature resistance is 2 Ohm. The ... of the motor will be  (A) 339 rpm (B) 359 rpm (C) 366 rpm (D) 386 rpm

Answer : 359